Saturday, 29 August 2015

Crawling out from under that Stone

I was writing on a completely different topic for my first private LJ entry in months which changed into an open Blogger post. Simply because... while I write this, it came to my attention that it has been 1 year, 1 month, 1 week & 1 day since my father passed away.

I thought it a peculiar coincidence and I thought of how much I had missed using my Blogger & LJ to post about art-related things & stuff that's going on in my mind, respectively.

So I want to blog again in my spare time. Let's see how that goes...

While writing this I wasn't sure if I really should post it or leave my blogger account for good. It took me another 5 days to actually post it now.

Maybe this takes my mind off family & work.


Saturday, 26 July 2014

My father passed away...

...after many painful weeks, my beloved Papa left us 11 days ago.
I am still in mourning.
And I'm still full of regrets.

I guess I'll need time for myself.
40 days minimum.

Maybe cutting my hair.

I don't know.

I hope you guys will be around, when I'm back.

Be safe...

1943 - 2014
D. L.
Requiescat in Pace

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tumblr Tuesday XX

I am not too much into Soccer/Fußball, but with the WC '14 in Brazil I've seen a lot of Buntings in Black, Red & Gold or in Blue, White & Red and such colour combinations in the past few weeks.
So how about non soccer related Buntings this week?
(Links are below the images, if you would like to Like them on Tumblr and for Crediting.)

How are you doing? Do you like Bunting?
I think, I am going to do some myself...


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Facebook and Google Plus Covers

I have had some free time in between work and didn't know what to do with myself, so I tried my hand again at five Covers. Three for FB and two for Google+.

01. Books, Texture

02. Peony, Texture, Colours

03. Aum Mani Padme Hum, Texture, Blue

04. Quote, Texture

05. Desert, Orange

Now, I have just a few rules for you.
01. Do not redistribute them.
02. Do not claim as your work.
03. Give credit and/or link if asked.

You can put any Text you want in those Images, which do not have any Text already.
Also, if you take one or more of these, make a comment and tell me which one(s).
That way I will find out, what people like more.


P.S.: If you would be so extra kind and share this at any of your fave(s) social network(s), might give you lotsa mini karma-points.

P.P.S.: If you do not find what you like, tell me in the comments below and we will see next time.

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