Thursday, 1 May 2008

1'st Day of my personal veggie-tart-ianism!

Oh my God, so it seems I really did start my new 'life-style'...
As of today I am a mixture of a Lacto-Ovo-Vegeterian and somewhat of a Pollo-Vegetarian. Minus the Chicken, 'cause my stomach is rebelling for a bout 1 & 1/2 Year if I try to eat it, so there is only Poultry left in form of Turkey for me, which I will try to eat only once every two weeks or less if possible.
Let's see how that all will interfere with my chronic Anaemia & Iron deficiency anemia.

And today they all made fun of me when I told my Family! XD I am okay with that though!

I won't stop eating meat because of animal rights or the thought it is cruel to let them be 'slaughtered' so I can eat them. No, I love meat but my body is behaving quite funny these past Years besides I want to loose some weight and I want to live healthier. It is part of my Plan on living healthier, which I am working on for many Years now.
I stopped smoking almost 8 Years ago over night, and a few Month later stopped drinking Alcohol. Though the hardest thing I have ever drunk was Champagne and Wine, but still.... :)

And I know already how much I will miss eating minced cow-meat raw and fresh!!! *cries*

Today I ate over the whole Day only bread, rice, mushrooms, onions, cheese, sojola and Harzer cheese,! ....with no meat, no cold cut, no turkish sücük! :( I really need some time to get used to this, and still do not like the thought!

P.S.: If anyone reads this, the next Post will include some new, nifty, useful PS CS brushes again, I am already working on them!

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