Monday, 5 May 2008

5'th day Veggie, Nose-Piercing and Criticism via Fandom!

So, yeah I know it sounds boring by now, but 5 Days of Vegetarianism and I am about to crawl up the Walls. I never thought about it that much but meat is or rather was a huge part of my Life, so it's kind of hard to not eat it, yet I haven't eaten any. :D

What shocked me most was my mother Yesterday, while eating some Salad for Dinner with my Father we were discussing Dinner for Tuesday, she did say she was going to make some nice Sarma, then looking at me for a few secs she asked if I would eat Sarma without the minced meat, just rice as filling. I really didn't know what to say! She is when it comes to meat and food a hardcore Muslim, so she thinks it is a sin to not eat meat... since the helal/kosher animal, given by God to you, would die without any use or purpose if you didn't eat them.
Whatever, I just said yes and was very happy about her thoughtfulness. ^^;

I am thinking about getting myself a Nose-Piercing tomorrow. I wanted one since I was 13 or so, and now that I am working as my own Boss I think it would be okay, since I cannot fire myself for Tattoos or Piercings. XD
So, yeah seems like I will through 50€ to the wind for a Piercing in my right Nostril tomorrow!
And a Tattoo is on its way next Month!!!

Now onto something absolutely different! So I manipulated an Actors face, trying just to make him look younger and such, went to his fan forum and posted the darn piece 10 Days ago in before-after fashion, and fuck it, today I had like 40 clicks on the thread and yet no one has given me any constructive criticism. Hell, I would even be happy if they did tell me it looks like shite.
Scheisse nochmal!!! Teufel, Tot und Teufel!

I'll wait another 4 Days, then I'll close the thread. I mean, it's not as if I cannot cope with negative crits, but I didn't even get that, so what should I make of that! :'( I am truly and terribly miffed!
Though... the guys on that forum are very nice, so I guess it must be my fault!

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