Saturday, 10 May 2008

Doc appointment, bad news and good news!

So my Coccyx is causing me pain for a little over 3 Month. On Monday the pain was so dire I had to cancel an important meeting with someone. But when I made a phone call on Thursday for an appointment at my Doc, turned out I had to go on Friday instead... :/

When I got there I told him about the Pain and he gave me an interview about my health in the Past. Well, turned out with my bilateral dysplasia, its subluxation and the two following surgeries when I was a Child takes its toll. I bloody knew it!!! I fucking hate Doctors!
He asked me if I already had given birth to a Child because the hips widening and all that shite, which of course I haven't, and if my hips themselves still hurt, which they do for about 15 years now but whatever, then he did 'put' me on a Scale to weigh me, turns out I lost between 4,5 to 6 kilograms in the past 5 Month! Yay!!!

He wants me to go to a Radiologist in our Town so they can take a 'shot' of my hips, the coccyx and my spine ...déjà vu very much?!

'kay, though I feel very close to cry and am terribly scared... I won't Panic! :(

I mean, last Time I would tell my Doctor that my Hips/Bones did hurt they told me I was a Hypochondriac and to lazy to do Sport in Elementary School, I was 9 and it would take 2 more Years of pain and walking in agony, a sharp sting in my hips with every step I did take, until they would do an emergency surgery when I was and ruin the rest of my Life at an early Stage!
So what should I think of it??? Everything repeating itself?
Or did I get Paranoid with Time!? - Not likely!!!

So this means... I lost weight! But I am having problems with my health again! Well, the pain never stooped, still now it is worse than before!

Good night!!!

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