Wednesday, 28 May 2008

No artsy fartsy shite but thouroughly tired of it all!!!

Goddess! Over 6 Months now and I just cannot get my fat arse up to do some nice 3D work.
I have no Ideas.
Actually it all started with me buying my fat, new Laptop at the end of October 2007. I 'gave' it to myself as a belated birthday present. Btw, how pathetic is that!? I got 25 that Month, shouldn't a gorgeous, sweet looking bloke buy me something expensive instead??? Like a bling-bling or a Mustang. Ok, let's stop dreaming! -Though it is a good question if I may say so.

So I bought it and after installing Bryce, Poser, Cinema 4D plus süper-nice rendererrereererer....... Vray, I started playing around and made a few pieces, did some fractals just for the fun of it, too, and then in December... BAM!!!ONE1!!
I just got left behind by my Muse!

I don't know what to do, I am playing around again with html, css and try out vector graphics but nothing with substance, nothing that I would really complete!
And even worse, I just surf around on the net while my little iMac is sleeping on the Desk in my bedroom. I hate Microsoft, yet I also hate Steve.
If only Apple was the way like before I would have bought an Apple Laptop or none at all. The digital World is fucking evil!

On another note my Coccyx still hurts like hell, for over 5 Month now, and though my Doc told me at the beginning of this Month to go visit a Radiologist I am so terribly scared that I haven't brought up the courage to actually do right that! You know... visit him!

And my back hurts because of my boobs, God how I wish I had smaller ones. My back and neck are so fucking killing me right now, yet I don't feel the pain so much 'cause the pain at the tail-bone swallows all other in their quantity and noticeability.

Dear Lord, while writing all this I took a look out of the window and saw a neighbour running around with a jacket, is the woman daft? It's sweating 26°C or so in the shadow.
I am sweating, and I am by no means a person who normally sweats from sitting around doing nothing!

I was going to write so much more meaningless shite but I am too tired right now. Bye!

P.S.: Doh, how much of an idiot can you be. I was going to link whoever is stupid enough to read this load of *** to a new set of PS CS Action, called Slight Enhancement II!

So feel free to download, use as you need and credit, 'cause crediting = Love!

Slight Enhancement II
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

P.P.S.: Ooh, and 4 weeks no meat eating!!!

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