Thursday, 15 May 2008

Omigad!1ONE! I am melting & some veg-veg! <_<

Just a small update 'cause I am bored like hell... *goodness*
I talk too much Denglish these Days, everything sounds so cheap and germanized when I write English! D:

So we're having summer weather since the end of April, but from the 06'th of May on we are having a mega orgiastic, Super-heat-wave where the thermometer shows no less than 26°C in the shadows, or whatever you call it in English... and I am melting! :,(
Which means as well I still wasn't in Cologne, getting my nose-piercing! DX

Also I try to not go to the Radiologist, I am far too scared of the outcome!

Ooh, and... I am a vegie-thingy-terian for over two weeks now!
Yeah, also beans and onions are a big NO from now on! D: Which makes me wonder, what can I eat after all!?! I have difficulties with almost everything edible in this World!

I'm out! *el burpo*

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