Tuesday, 6 May 2008

One more Day!

So we went to town today,that is, me and my mom. After searching the Tattoo&Piercing Studio for an whole hour, we found it in a side-alley. I asked the owner, a nice woman, about prices and methods to get a nice nose-piercing.
There is this one with that cow-marking machine, right? This one is, I guess, called the gun method where your nostril gets punched by a dull stud-piercing. It costs only 15€ which makes about $23,35 in the US and Canada...
And then there's this european Canula method, where you have the sharp needle and the plastic thingy, it costs 49€ which makes about $76,25 in the US and Canada...
I know the second method is a bit expensive but I think I should take it rather than the gun-method.
'Cause the Canula will be sharp and that should give a nicer, more non-painful Result.
So, yeah Goodbye 49€, god what I could have bought with all that Money! XD

My mother went crazy and is miffed right now, telling me it was wrong and all. I asked her to please take a look at my age for one, and then also think about the old Turks before they were converted to Islam, they had also nose-piercings, so what???

Then I told her that I was going to get myself a Tattoo next Month, and she almost fainted then and there in front of the shop.
Boy I think she'll have a coronary when I tell her about my hair. :3

Now it's after midnight and I have given out a round of soft ice to my family, yeah I know I am being generous today... and sit here on the Balcony with my Laptop. It's beautifully cold after a really, really hot Day. :D ..and I am feeling fine!

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