Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ruined nose-thingy and bad language ahead!

Sorry for my foul mouth, but...

What the hell is wrong with those idiot People around me??? -I was barely out of my standard late morning Douche, getting ready for a Brunch when the younger of my two older Brother stuck his fucking Nose in my Nose-Piercing thingy, getting all fucked up about issue of the Studio I had chosen and wanted the job to be done and all.

I mean, wtf??? Banging a 18 year old doesn't make you wiser right??? Who the fuck does he thingk he is?
I have gone thrugh a fucking lot more in my Life than he did, and still he goes on my nerves about Hygiene and yadda, yadda...
One of the hygenic centered Stories contained an Ash-Tray and Needles, really I mean, I haven't even seen any Cigarettes in the whole Place.
I fucking don't care if his catholic child Girlfriend is getting all prissy about someone getting something he or she is too scared about. Or whatever the fuck is wrong with him. Maybe he's got blue Balls.

God, and that makes me think of her again... she is officially 18 of Years, but mind wise she is no older than say 12 or so! And her laugh, oh by all that is holy, it scares me more than any Romero Zombie or Argento Demon Movie. D:
Oh, and there's the fact that he is 13 Years older than her! *frustrated*
I feel so ashamed!!!

And the damage their Relationship is causing our Family-Name, fuck my Nose-Piercing cannot be comparable to that! Ever!
She is so immature, and if she would at least look hot, I could just go on and not mind since she would look gorgeous, but no I cannot even brag on about a great looking Girlfriend on my Brother's side.

So I'll go on next Tuesday to another Piercing Studio in Cologne. But God help me if I won't hit my brother's ugly Face if he stucks his stinking nose and shitty chin in my private business again.

To recite his 'best' (add a huge drop of sarcasm here) Quote of today.
"Anyways, I thought you weren't into these kind of things. I mean, a Nose-Piercing?" *lulz*

Yeah, immature isn't it, dear Brother? -Just like your behaviour and your recent, fugly Girlfriend.

I swear, right now I would love to fucking punch a whole in his Face!
Man, People are dying out of hunger in this World, yet my Family and other Acquaintances of mine get all worked up about me wanting a shitty Nose-Piercing and a Tattoo!

I am tired and must go to sleep, night!

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