Thursday, 26 June 2008

Makes it three! Korean brushes for free!

I was going to upload them for some time now, but our Net Flatrate would freeze every few minutes, so I stopped doing anything on the Pack, later when that Problem was resolved our Modem died, so at least now everything seems to be ok.

Like I always keep telling you, have fun using them but never forget to credit! Thnx!

Korean Brushes 03
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

P.S.: Just took a look at my Sitemeter for this Blog. ^_^ People from Alberta and Vancouver came by, that so makes my belly all warm and fluttery. Seems like I had some Butterflies for Breakfast, canadian Butterflies! *munch*

P.P.S.: What,? Germany won against Turkey, Yesterday? -Yeah, sure! Who got bribed for that one?
*shrugs* I never did like Soccer anyways!

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  1. Hi Nokta,
    Just wanted to say hi and I like your site.
    Could you drop me a line? I'm curious about beta-reading :)


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