Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Unwell, 1 Month veg-veg and appoinment!

It's already far after midnight, I have less than eight hours to sleep 'cause I have to go to my Radiologist tomorrow, my Coccyx is giving me hell these Days so I just have to, though I do not want to. Then I have an, for me, important appointment ...my right Eye hurts like hell and I feel like shite.

I still want to create a nice Vector. I already know who I want to vectorise, only problem is I do not have nor can I find a good Picture of that Actor in a good Resolution.

Today was the 32'th Day of me being a Vegetarian. I didn't have any problems coping to my new eating habits. Didn't eat any Poultry either though I first thought that maybe I should do it every now and then. But it wasn't necessary and I didn't want to all of this Month.
And since on Sunday, Yesterday, the second Month did start I guess I won't mind it any more than before.

Though I still sometimes sniff the Air like a Dog whenever my Mom puts the Sücük into the Pilav... :( But I'll eat my Pilav with Tomatoes or Curry, that's okay, too.


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