Monday, 27 October 2008

Me & Mr. Smith (Fuckery) *lalala*

Have been awake all night, wasn't able to sleep. Will later fold and put my clothes into the wardrobe.
Now that I think of it, I sometimes wish we had those nifty north american closets, those ones that are part of the wall. You cannot even imagine how annoying cupboards, european style, can be. The room looks plain ugly.

Whatever, will do that and then go to bed, sleeping while everyone else has to work. :D

Uy, and... I watched Blood Ties last night, the first half of the pilot ep.! It was great and C. Cox is very good!

So... it is time again to get some free goodies! Today it is 2 at once!
As always kiddies... download, enjoy, credit!

Second Gradient Pack
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


Friday, 10 October 2008

What the Fook? x_X

Was at my doc today... why do these docs not listen to me???
Pain, pain, pain... and he tells me crap like... CVI... but the not so deadly variant... WTF???
So why do I have to bother him for years before he admits to it?
And then he tells me lies like... ya know, it's not too serious, lulz! XD

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