Sunday, 28 December 2008

Just a quick one!

So I made another Terragen render for stock use the other day but was too lazy to put it up on DA 'til today. Might be last one for this Year!
Have fun... I'm out!

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Im Akshully Ded, Dis Ar Teh Mah Ghost Writin!

So I Decidd 2 Rite Dis Whole Post In Lolcat, Iz All Teh Fault Ov DEVIANTART Frend Ov Mine. I Knoe I Havent Updatd 4 Sum Tiem, But I Gues Iz Not Dat Hooj Problem Since U All Seem 2 Be 2 Disabld 2 Rite Comment Her Or On DEVIANTART When U Download Teh Resourcez.
Whatevr, So Has Fun Wif Dis Stockz An Use Them Not Wifout Creditin Me, K?
Thnk U An Bai

OMFG... Writin Liek Dis Shouldnt Has Been As Nearly As Fun As Dis Wuz 2 Me

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An Last But Not Least Mah Latest...

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