Thursday, 25 December 2008

Im Akshully Ded, Dis Ar Teh Mah Ghost Writin!

So I Decidd 2 Rite Dis Whole Post In Lolcat, Iz All Teh Fault Ov DEVIANTART Frend Ov Mine. I Knoe I Havent Updatd 4 Sum Tiem, But I Gues Iz Not Dat Hooj Problem Since U All Seem 2 Be 2 Disabld 2 Rite Comment Her Or On DEVIANTART When U Download Teh Resourcez.
Whatevr, So Has Fun Wif Dis Stockz An Use Them Not Wifout Creditin Me, K?
Thnk U An Bai

OMFG... Writin Liek Dis Shouldnt Has Been As Nearly As Fun As Dis Wuz 2 Me

A Lot Ov Linkz Followin...
An Last But Not Least Mah Latest...

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