Saturday, 14 February 2009

V-Day, oh noez!

Truthfully I am not really for this Tohu-va-Bohu. I dislike Valentines Day immensely...
Yet as fate would have it, I accidentally did 'create' this with Apo... :(

Le grá go deo
by ~PinkPanthress on deviantART

And here are 3 new Stock/Resources suiting todays 'theme'...
Have fun, use them and do credit properly!
And No, they do not look the same. You have to download them each via the download button on the left to get them, for free, and then you will see their differences!

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

20090214 - 02
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

20090214 - 03
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART
Bye, bye for now!
P.S.: I had a very nice, anti-V-Day rant but my Computer ate it or something like that!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Procrastination... a very bad thing to do.
So I was working on my Homepage, or shall I say on the images that I have
to put into the code later, that was when I started playing with some of my softwares, and playing I did. After 3 Days I had created a few Commishs and my new, not really wow but who cares, ID for DA. In these Days I learned that using Folders in the Layer Window is very good. I mean very, very good, more like awesome. I was able to work more effectively and I believe I made real progress in learning how to manage all the different Layers and their Masks. Also I used my nifty World Machine to create a more than adequate Terrain for Terragen.
Had lots of fun with it and after a Day of break I'll resume the work on my Homepage, really!
Oh, and if you wonder what all these image do here, I was playing around also here on my Blogger, just to see how this whole Picture thing works. Those images are a few of the resources I used to create my ID. And except those 2 images with the curls in them it was all my own.
I hope this is not too hard to read but I was enjoying myself so much doing this, it was very hard to stop with it! I promise this will never happen again! ^_^;

Also the Clouds I used are my newest Stocks/Resources I'll give away for free! :D
Use and have fun!

Tswt 002
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

And this is the result! (You have to full view or else it will be lossy and pixelated)

by ~PinkPanthress on deviantART

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