Saturday, 7 February 2009

Procrastination... a very bad thing to do.
So I was working on my Homepage, or shall I say on the images that I have
to put into the code later, that was when I started playing with some of my softwares, and playing I did. After 3 Days I had created a few Commishs and my new, not really wow but who cares, ID for DA. In these Days I learned that using Folders in the Layer Window is very good. I mean very, very good, more like awesome. I was able to work more effectively and I believe I made real progress in learning how to manage all the different Layers and their Masks. Also I used my nifty World Machine to create a more than adequate Terrain for Terragen.
Had lots of fun with it and after a Day of break I'll resume the work on my Homepage, really!
Oh, and if you wonder what all these image do here, I was playing around also here on my Blogger, just to see how this whole Picture thing works. Those images are a few of the resources I used to create my ID. And except those 2 images with the curls in them it was all my own.
I hope this is not too hard to read but I was enjoying myself so much doing this, it was very hard to stop with it! I promise this will never happen again! ^_^;

Also the Clouds I used are my newest Stocks/Resources I'll give away for free! :D
Use and have fun!

Tswt 002
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

And this is the result! (You have to full view or else it will be lossy and pixelated)

by ~PinkPanthress on deviantART


  1. I'm trying to understand what you work on. Any enlightenment for a newbie will be much appreciated.

  2. @rangr
    I am so sorry if it was more gibberish than an actual Walkthrough, but I did enjoy mself immensely.
    All the Stock shown in the post did result in my new DA-ID (which is not really important) at the end of the same post. The blue one with the shadows.
    While in fact I was supposed to create a new set of glossy buttons and a .png strip for the CSS on my Homepage which is still under construction. :)

    @ calicolyst

  3. Thanks. Good to know that you are having fun.

  4. I don't understand a word you said, but I love the images. :-)

  5. @ rangr
    I had fun. *nods*

    @ Jo
    I was tryying to create a walkthrough for the last blue picture, which is the artistic outcome itself

  6. I love last image most.
    simple but catch me.
    Because traditinaly we(Japanese) love shadow and light(contrast).
    And shaps of out lines.
    Sorry I can't say what i want to tell well.
    Because of luck of my skill of Engglish.

  7. @ nobu
    I did understand you and am happy you like it. :) Thank you!!!


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