Saturday, 14 February 2009

V-Day, oh noez!

Truthfully I am not really for this Tohu-va-Bohu. I dislike Valentines Day immensely...
Yet as fate would have it, I accidentally did 'create' this with Apo... :(

Le grá go deo
by ~PinkPanthress on deviantART

And here are 3 new Stock/Resources suiting todays 'theme'...
Have fun, use them and do credit properly!
And No, they do not look the same. You have to download them each via the download button on the left to get them, for free, and then you will see their differences!

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

20090214 - 02
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

20090214 - 03
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART
Bye, bye for now!
P.S.: I had a very nice, anti-V-Day rant but my Computer ate it or something like that!


  1. Interesting images.
    Those hearts just looks like black holl.

    By the way, The vessel you saw in my blog is "hibachi".
    They burn charcoal in it.

  2. @ nobu
    Thank you, yeah... the black hole where the heart is in the middle is typical for this variant of fractals. :)

    Hibachi? -Thank you, good to know. I will google that right away.

    P.S.: Thank you for the add!

    @ rangr
    Thank you.

    I thought, I should give away some mushy stocks for the V-Day lovers out there. ;)

  3. Your work is great! 'Le grá go deo' is just beautiful despite the Valentines Day thing (I'm not a big fan either)! :-)

  4. @ JM

    Thank you! I was surprised when I finished it, must have been somekind of hint. :)

  5. The meaning of this art: Love is a blackhole. Lol.

  6. @ calicolyst
    *lol* Very fitting! In more than one ways!

  7. Not trying to diminish your work with Apophysis: I like your works with Terragen very much.


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