Friday, 24 July 2009

Long time no see!

Today I was going to write down why exactly I wasn't able to post and read all the blogs I follow for the last few months but some things were to private & the net just isn't the right place to write every little personel think of you. But in the coming entries I'll try to tell a few of the reasons that are ok.

Let's just say I'm glad to write something at all again. It soothes my mind.
I think that's it for now. Bye...

Btw, do you like my new header or is it sh**ty?


  1. Hiya !

    Your header gives smoother feeling,its nice.


    P.S:- Keep wrtng

  2. Hello there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page. How did you find me? Am I a friend of a friend?

    I see you like to read Dean Koontz. I use to enjoy reading but stopped due to a problem with the muscles in my eye. Last year I found out I could have surgery to correct the problem. Shock, shock. I had the surgery and just recently decided to try reading again (if I could ever find the time and stay off the laptop). I picked up 'False Memories' the other day. Since it's been so long since I've done any reading I'm out of he loop. Don't know what's good these days. So far I'm liking Koontz.

    I know that feeling of not being able to post. Sometimes things are going on. You want to share but you can't really share. It's not always for everyone to see inside your soul. I went through the strangest big change in life this year when there really wasn't anything going on. Yet there was inside of me. Does that make any sense at all? Oh well.

    I hope you have an adventurous weekend that gives you something wonderful to post about.


  3. Nice header. However, I have to view the header separately and the posts separately. I didn't see the header until you mentioned it. :)

  4. @ rangr - Thank you for the info. I guess I'll try another one with more width and less height... :)

    @ Escapist - Thank you for being so helpful.
    Also your comment was both, refreshing and encouraging.

  5. The header is cool.

    Just do what you do!

  6. Holy cow you ARE alive. ;)

    So great to see that you are blogging(I really should write one but *meh* its been a long 80 hour week this week)

    Can't wait to hear some of whats been going good :)

  7. yr blog header is cool
    but yr postings are quite difficult to read the blue font against a black background,

  8. Welcome back! And yes, I like your new header! :-)

  9. The writing is white on another light color, and I can't read it. That's a pity as I'm sure it's good stuff.


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