Thursday, 6 August 2009

Insert funky Title here, plz!

Let me tell you one thing first, you guys are amazing. C:
All your comments to my last Post were very helpful & appreciated!
Thanks to a suggestion from one of you I made the text a lighter blue, so as to being easier to read. Though, if that is still too dark I might change it to a light Silver-Blue at a later date.
Also I put a semi transparent image onto my blog's background, I hope it isn't too distracting.

Then there's the whole Portfolio thingy, I made one via DA, I thought that until my own Homepage is revamped & online again, I should have at least this mini Porfolio online...
Please take a Visit & be in awe, cause my work doesn't suck, for real! :D
Here's the Link -> My Portfolio @ DA
Come back & tell me what you think if you can spare the time, ok? ;)
(And, yes. I do realise I haven't written a Bio yet)

Right now I am working on a few Stocks & Resources, it's nice with this new Laptop, though it isn't as perfect as the last one, yet it's also not as faulty as the last one either. :/
I guess that's it for now, I still have to do some work & a Rooibos-Vanilla Tea wouldn't be bad either.

Bye, then... and Night!

Btw, before I forget to tell you. I have been asked this a few times on the Net, why I always write in different colours and/or fonts when I do a Blog-Entry. It's because I have problems re-reading the written stuff when everything is one big, uniform coloumn. :( Sorry, if it is a bit annoying to you.

Here's my 'newest', or rather latest work... I just made it for fun and not to win the Contest. ;)

by ~PinkPanthress on deviantART


Thank you for taking the time to comment!
It is always appreciated...

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