Saturday, 19 June 2010

License, mon 'air & Hail Seitan...

To all the beautiful Ladies & Gents out there. It is official, yours truely has gotten her driver's license & can legally kill people on the street! *yay* All I need now, is to save up some more money to get my own car & actually to do the deed!

Thank you again, to all those who crossed their fingers on the 2'nd of June 2010.
I did not do one single driving error & got my license right after we were back at the TÜV... all the good vibes you did send, grounded & helped me.

*sighs* I can already see myself, self-righteously driving in a car, mindlessly polluting the air for all the generations to come. (Isn't that nice of me) ^_^
Take this future! *flips the bird*

Apropos future... I'm about to make my first Seitan tomorrow, not Satan... Seitan! :D
You see, I always try to do something new, so when I did read about Seitan, it was only logical for me to gather some more info about it. And hopefully, or more like successfully, I can make an edible batch of my own.
I might tell you on a side note in my next entry how it was & if it is easy to do on your own.
AND how it tastes, of course!

:) Which reminds me, after washing my hair last night, I rinsed it with a 120ml concoction, consisting 1/4 of vinegar and 3/4 of water. Man, did it smell bad at first, made me actually gag a bit, but OYG, my hair felt clean afterwards.
Normally when I am done with my shower & after the hair is dry again, it already starts to get all greasy & oily. Also, after less than 2 days it looks like I never washed it in the first!
We will see what this time will happen... C:

I guess, that's it for today. Thank you for reading this and have a 'fantabulous' weekend!


P.S.: I put a Poll on the upper right of this blog, right under the blue header. Please be so kind and take the time to click your answer, even if you are oone of those whom normally do stay anonymous. :) Thank you loads!

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Neighbour was rotting away and nobody cared.

On friday the 28'th of May 2010 I was sitting in mother's sitting-room, she was lazying on the couch because of the heat & her health problems, when my father came in from the door to the flat.

We both laughed when father stood in front of us a few seconds later & made gagging sounds.
He said.:"God damn it, I hate these stingy people! Why can't they just throw away the minced meat when it's gotten spoiled, NO, instead they fry & eat it!"

Remembering an incident that happened to our family in 1992, I said.:"Maybe their deep freezer 'died' or their electricity got cut while they are on a vacation, like it happened to us."

Mother argued that.:"You know how many times people in this apartment complex have cooked food that even a hungry pig wouldn't touch! Just go into the hallway at afternoon when some of them cook. 50% of it smells like it has already been eaten and such." She laughed again.

It was true... there are a few flats, whose doors you shouldn't cross on your way through the hallway. These women are only capable to work properly in the shopping, sex & drinking area.
I mean, it's not that hard to throw out money, spread your legs &- open your beer bottle... but foof? -That's almost Alchemy!<\sarcasmend>

Later my second oldest brother came over, he was going to go doing the bigger groceries with my mother for the weekend, while I did some vacuum-cleaning. Something that is hard to do while my Dragonbeloved Mother is around. :)

They had been on their way for barely 5 minutes, when my father had to answer the phone. After telling me to stop the vacuum, he gave me the phone handset.
It was my mother, telling me to not open the door to our flat, and that if someone of us was to leave, we should open & close the door as fast as possible. And get out of the hallways fast, too! She further told me to not be upset if the police would knock on the door.

She knows how much I dislike our police, I sometimes feel that they are the 'arm' of our 4'th Reich we're living in now, just that this times it is the muslims, turks & arabs who might be gassed instead of the jews, if they so much as peep! -And since our police is a bunch of fashists anway, I get weird whenever they are around me.
But they didn't come, instead I would hear kids screaming in the hallways, and men telling them loudly to clear the halls & go home.

A little over 2 hours later my mother & brother rang the door bell & father went downstairs to help them. I was cleared of duty, 'cause my hips & back already ached enough from cleaning up the place, yes... ;)

5 minutes later my mother banged on the door & told me to hurry. Me being someone who gets easily freaked out, 'ran' to the door and opened it, getting the full load thanks to the air draught the door created.
Holy motherf**king sh*te! :S I ushered my parents & sibling in, almost fainting then & there.

So, what had happened?
A neighbour, 60 years old & all on her own & lonely, living in this apartment complex had died a few weeks ago(we don't know how many, but judging by the smell, it was some time).
The turkish neighbour next door to her(and on the same floor) did smell something whenever she passed the door on her way out, and had had a phone call with the absentee landlords' his apartment-manager, who himself was on vacation at that time, and told her to wait a few weeks until he would be back.

But on that Friday the odour got foul enough that people could smell it all through the house. A women who had moved into the flat(on my parents floor) right above the (dead)neighbour's, had opened her window & caught a very bad whiff from the open window from underneath her.

She called the Manager, too, but when he told HER this time to wait until he would be back in a few days, she threatened him with the police & hung up the phone.

3 hours later the police had broken the door to the dead neighbour while another policeman sharply reprimanded the apartment-manager for not doing his dutry earlier! Oh, how sweet was it to watch the manager squirm under the police's harsh words. He's a wannabe, and even scares & intimidates the tenants when they call out for their rights & ask him to do his duty.
I swear, it was a jerk-fest for everyone here!

But now to what is troubling me out of this all. No one knows if she died of a neutral cause, or if she was ill. Or if she killed herself!
This woman has no living relatives, she was adopted by her parents, whom have been dead themselves for sometime now. She also has no exes & no kids of her own.
Father says, she was introverted & didn't like to go out too much. He would talk to her sometimes while going for a walk. And she would sometimes, in a moment of extreme sadnees, tell him that she did not see a reason to live anymore. (he only told us about this, he doesn't want people in the street to spin their stories out of it)
My mother is upset about it, too. Telling me, that if the germans weren't such cold & distant people, someone might have helped her. Whether she died out of an illness or suicide.
Both my parents are looking in the newspapers now(almost everyday) if anybody might write an article about the lady. But nothing has been written so far, as if she never had existed! :c

I don't know what to make out of this myself, it scares me how everyone asks anyone who comes out of this house now, if they knew the dead woman. How & why she died... such vultures!
In the past days & even now I catch sometimes a whiff of the dead woman, no matter where I am & it sickens me! I know it is an olfactory hallucination, but it feels so real!

And on top of that, whenever I think of her, I have an image in my head of rotten minced-meat in the shape of a gingerbread man. I know it's kind of morbid & macabre, but that's my shitty brain & its way of making fun of me. :(
I just hope she is doing better now, wherver she is.


P.S.: Thank you to all of you who crossed their fingers for me on the 2'n of June 2010! ❤ I did it!

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by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Books, hiatus & vroom!

So what happened in these past 3 weeks, since I updated the last time?

I found & donwloaded a new 3D-Program. It is freeware!
And thanks to another Blogger's post a few days ago, I jumped from one link to another and found some 3D freebies from a interieurs manufacturer & shop.

I found a book by accident in our public Library, fell in love with it from the first page!
This is his debut and he is a good writer, so I instantly became a fan.
Beware, this is the german version. The original, english Title of it is "Jinn". You should read it, it is a very varied read... horror, thriller, mystery, detective & crime are just a few genres you could put this in. :)
Dämon Dämon by Matthew B.J. Delaney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

View all my reviews >>

My eldest brother emigrated to Turkey & is having a great time over there. :)

A tiny tyre squeal for mankind, a huge blast for me... XD
A few days ago I drove the car constantly at 165km/h (yup, that's ≈ 102.53mph) on the Autobahn, which is my newest speed-record now.

I have to take a hiatus from blogging until (at minimum) next Thursday, the 3'rd of June.
I will also try to read the blogs from the past few days since I had not enough time to visit your blogs, sorry for that. :C
I hope you have a nice time!


P.S.: On the 2'nd of June 2010, I ask all of you to cross your fingers for me, please. :) I will need it!

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Un-unrelated Stories I - Blue Phase

It can happen at any time, I wake up and my favourite colour changes for the next few, months, years... it happens in irregular intervals! I can never *assess* it, the beginnings & the ends of those phases melt into each other. The longest Phases were my Royal Blue from 1995 - 1999 & my Chartreuse from 2003 - 2007. :)

My current Phase started at the end of Autumn 2007 and is Blue, I lean towards Medium Blue.

It all goes like this. In these phases, I tend to use & buy/collect clothes, footwear, accessoiries, shawls, handbags and/or jewellery in this colour. (Also those hues which are adjacent, or a nuance of that shade.)

Those Bordeaux-Red FILA trainers I bought in spring 2001, when I was in my bordeaux phase, I wore them as often as possible. When it was time to clean them up, I bought another pair of trainers from a no-name(as we call them here) Brand, which I wore while my FILA's were drying and/or in addition to more formal trousers, 'cause they were more slim & feminin, and changeât(like Taffeta, a timeless fevourite of mine).
I loved them!
From that time I still own a lot of brodeaux, changeât wallets, purses & handbags. :D And I still use them, though they do not appeal visually that much to me nowadays.

Just a few weeks ago I bought myself a Hobo Bag with a colour that is a mixture between midnight blue & midnight green. I guess it was also a compromise between my blue phase & the remainders of my chartreuse phase... as an 'homage' maybe? ;)

Eyeshadow, Mascara, main accents & even artistic outpours at that time are heavily influenced by which phase I am in.
At college, later at work & even privately people sometimes would notice & ask me about it, and i would feel weird & stupid about it, but I could & can not change this habit. :D
Has anybody of you a quirk like this? Or as I call them, moments of madness.
If yes, then to what extent? -I would really like to know.

I do not try to say, that other colours do not look good to me or that I do not respond to them. Or that I literally walk around monotonous.
Still, they are very dominant, even at those time, when I only use them as an accentuation to mainly black or grey clothes.


Oh how very fitting, for todays entry... blue resources & stocks. :D
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Saturday, 1 May 2010

It has been 2 Years now...

It was a Wednesday, the 30'th of April 2008, the Day I last ate meat. :)

A day later, the 1'st of May, I woke up & had breakfast without any Süçük or other meaty food.

At first I thought, I might eat a bit of Poultry every 7 days. But when the 7'th day came I wasn't even interested in it and went straight for my Soya-Margarine, home-made bread with some cheese & lots of raw button mushrooms, as if I had always been an ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

And though I have always been very mindful of what I eat, after becoming a vegetarian I doubled my effort.
Did I know & love healthy food before, like...
peas, mung beans, shiitake, kale, broccoli, cashews, bulgur, yoğurt, chard, pistachios, aubergines, walnuts, Quark & common mushrooms.
Then now came the time to find more food to like & eat... and I am still searching for more to eat.
Food like Amaranth & Quinoa are next on my list.

Another added bonus is, that vegetables, nuts, & fruits taste different to me now.
As if my gustatory nerves had been rewritten... Tabula Rasa, so to speak.

Some food that I used to dislike as a kid, like Okra, Taro & Zucchini, taste ok or even great now.
My diet still sucks, but I hope I will be able to improve the eating habits in 'my' 3'rd year.

I guess, that's it for today! :D
The links are for those people who do not know the mentioned food & because I had nothing else to do right now.
And yes, I know grown men & women, which have never heard of Kale, Bulgur or Aubergines.


Asalways, some digital resources for you all. Download, use & credit! ;)

YourChoice pack 01
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Sunday, 11 April 2010

To reuse or not to reuse! No question...

This seems to be a very productive weekend so far! (In more than one ways)
And my frugal/thrifty heart is happy, too. C:

Yesterday I was being all crafty.... and sawed out three pieces with an electric saw, to produce a laptop table/tray. I started late in the evening with the project, so I had to postpone the sanding & screwing(all parts together) onto next Saturday.
It stared with last Month, when my mother was about to throw away a table in her kitchen, which she got from a neighbour 14 years ago. I asked her if she would give me its black tabletop made out of chipboard, it is 80cm in diameter so I will have plenty of material to use, and she agreed.

But what made me most happy, was the possibility to reuse resources. The table was 15+ years old and the screws, I hopefully will use next Weekend to put it all together, are about 10 years old and from an old piece of furniture that had to be thrown away some time ago.

There is no need to buy something manufactured in a factory, if it is easy to create by yourself! -I am talking of DIY here.
-You say... "But I cannot saw! Lulz!"
-I say... "Ask a sibling or someone else close to you, for those parts in which you lack the skills!"

For example, at a tricky part yesterday, I asked one of my brothers to saw a piece off of the 'legs'. You see, it has been 9.5 years now that I used and electric saw and on top of it the tabletop was black-black, so it was hard to see the actual line which I had drawn with my pencil, and I became a bit unsure at one part.
...Mother Nature will thank you! ;)

Oh, and while we are at Nature and such. I am thinking of installing a little (home) Herb-Garden in a corner of my balcony or the kitchen counter.
The prices for herbs like Sage, Verbena & Thyme are far too high in my opinion if you take into account, that the contents taste too vapid, due to the sachets of herbs being already old when you buy them!
Maybe that way I can also make my Veggie-Burgers taste like food... ;)

I was going to write about something else, too, but I forgot what it was about. The weather changes every few hours in this past days so I am having a continuous headache. *bleh*

Eco Chick Extraordinaire <3

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Tsws 007
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Test baeumchen
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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Going bald & the Sunshine Award

Well, I cut all 85cm of my hair, and am bald now!
My head feels so light, this was the fastest diet ever! :D
But my face looks weird, now that I have no hair on my head! ;)

We will see tomorrow what my Family says...

Edit on 04.04.2010 - Aprils Fools' Day... ;)
I did not cut my hair!

On to the next stuff...

So I got my second Award, it is the 'Sunshine Award' which I got from Jesse! ^_^;

The rules are as follows.:
01. Put the logo in your post or within your blog.
02. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.
03. Link the nominees within your post.
04. Let the nominees know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blogs.
05. Share the love and link to the person who gave you the award.

I (only 7)
01. rangr
02. theBluesman
03. Kevin Atteridg
04. Pinecone Camp
05. Kass
06. Jo
07. Captain D.

Thank you for being part of it and participating!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Para... what? Is that Spanish?

After watching the Paralympics as much as is possible on the net, far away from Vancouver, and reading about it in another blog here...

Wait scratch that first line... I love the Paralympics!
It was around 6 o'clock in Ocotber, early 90'ties, the evening before my Birthday. I had problems walking for about 2 weeks and my father came home from my new GP, with my newest X-Rays.
He told me to stop walking, I sat down onto the couch and dad called my mom from to kitchen to join us. Both my brothers sat down, too, and that weird feeling in my belly that I had for a few days got worse by the second.

I was told that early in the morning on my birthday an Ambulance would take me to the Hospital, and that before the end of the week, I(my hips) would either get 'fixated' to weights for 6 Months or that I would undergo Surgery.

2 days after my B-Day, the Professor-Surgeon & two other Doctors had coaxed my parents into signing the Surgery on me.
I was in Surgery 4.5 hours, and almost died a 'few times'. Afterwards, I would lie unusually long in the 'Aufwachraum' as we call it here, literally the wake-up-room. There I almost died twice, by choking on my own vomit!

I stopped believing in God after the first Surgery.
...and 3 Years later I had to undergo a second Surgery...

After both Surgeries, I was confined to a wheel-chair & later bound to Forearm-Crutches... all in all for about 1.5 Years!
There were times, when I wished to just die!

Now, I walk on my own two feet, and if you wouldn't know it, you would never believe that I had a problem at all! You might perhaps wonder, why I never walk fast or run, but a Surgery? -No one would believe it! ;)

So... I watched people playing hockey two days ago, people who need a wheel-chair in their everyday life and I loved watching them, it was better than ordinary ice-hockey. One canadian hockey-player got his legs amputated as an 18-months old baby, right up to his hips! But he did play like hell! :)

Their disabilities are much worse than mine. Some cannot see, some cannot walk & some cannot hear.
The mere thought of being deaf scares the hell out of me, I would not be able to listen to music! *shudders*

That's why I like the Paralympics more than the Olympics!
Those people should get more recognition! End of Story! ;)


P.S.: I wish I could answer you comments here in the same manner, like I can on LiveJournal, that way you could read my answers to what you say through a notice... :/

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3 cloudy Skies
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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

*snore* What, hmm...?

First of all, sorry for being away so long & not reading your blogs, I am catching up, reading them all day! 8D

I mentioned in passing that I was taking driving lessons, right? Let it be said, driving is just not my forte... :)
My mom's weeping at the mere thought of me driving, telling me that she & her father(my grandpa) are from a family of car-loving people who drive like they were born to do it 24/7. Sorry mama, for disappointing you...
My driving teacher hides it well, but I think I scare the shite out of her when we drive & she must be quite happy that she has the brake pedal under her foot, too!
Not to mention the poor 'schooling-car' I violate in my lessons. You should hear the ugly sounds of that unfortunate motor.

Until last Spring I vehemently refused to get my driving license, always resorting to walking, riding a bike or driving by bus & train. I just don't like the thought of using an air-polluting vehicle just so I can travel comfortably to my destination.

But life's getting hectic as hell in the past months, me not getting younger despite of what I'm telling myself & some health-problems getting severe again, I gave in.

And man, is it pricy to get a driving license where I live, my Country tries to squeeze as much money as possbile out of you, before you even start your driving school.
Not to mention the (wannabe-)biometric passport photograph, for the actual driver's license. I had to buy them in a six-pack, paying 20€ minimum, even though I only need one for the license. And I look like shite in them, too! D:
I already paid 850 € +- 50€ until now and still have to pay around 600 for some lessons I will drive in the coming days & the test.

Ooh, and I am thinking about something I should do when I am done & bought my car... maybe I should write in our Town's bi-weekly newspaper, the time & date of when I need to drive, one week ahead. For example doing my & my parents groceries or when I have to drive my parents to the GP or something else that's too far for them, just to make sure that people won't be on the streets, saving their lives in the process... ;)

Tomorrow it's another 90 minutes of driving, maybe I'll stay alive & we'll read each others blogs in the future...
'til then, bye!


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Monday, 22 February 2010

How come, my blood isn't brown? :Đ

My parents made an egoistical mistake when they married.
You see, in Germany it was okay for a german woman to marry a non-german man, and to even have children with him.
Then there were the few fools who would marry a dutch, british or even an italian woman. That also was, to a certain degree, ok in Germany.
But a german man couldn't just marry a woman from Turkey, China or some weird Country like that.
Yet... father did so, he took the hot turkish Tourist as his wife.
So my two brothers and I had to suffer for it... *bleh*

Now to the actual Story... ;)
One evening, I was 3 or 4 maybe, father came home from work,. Doing manual labour & the commute on top was exhausting, so my mother would 'order' him to stay seated in his chair while she brought the dishes & the meal onto the dining table.
My brothers would also not move, because they were boys, and I?
I sat on fathers lap until my mother would seat herself, too, only then I would go & sit down on my own chair.
Sitting on fathers lap was the best part of the day, except when mother and I would have breakfast alone while everyone was at work & school.

That evening everyone was a bit lazy, mother had cut her finger while peeling the onions & I had seen her red blood flowing... remember I was circa 3.

I asked my father why my blood was not brown... you heard right, why was it not brown?
Everyone laughed at me. Mother, father & my two older brothers.

Now, why would I say this?
My mother was naturally tanned, and come next Summer she would get an even more pronunced tan & when she was younger the veins underneath her skin were almost not visible.
But my father was light skinned, with ash-blonde hair & light green eyes. His veins 'popping' out in a greenish-blue on the back of his strong hands. And I hadn't seen him actually bleeding...

I mean, everybody in our neighbourhood would say that me and my siblings were different.
(Behind mom's & dad's back only of course)
And since I had seen a fews days before on educational television, that if you mix more than 2 primary colours you got brown out of it.
The german's typical everyday racism confused me even more, because in everyones eyes we were different & somehow people made me think my siblings & me, we were 'wrong'.
So green(dad) + red(mom) = brown...(me & my siblings), right?

I explained my thoughts to them & my mother stopped laughing. Only muttering that she hated the moment her plane landed on german Soil. :/

I still bleed red when I accidentally cut myself. And everytime I do such a mistake, I remember the moment one childish question bursting my bubble. This bubble consisted me, my siblings, my parents & my beautiful country.

These days I dislike Germany. For my taste, there are too many Germans in this Country.

By the way, questions like that made me the family clown from a very young age, my family laughed a lot because of me & the stuff I would say. I always spoke my mind.
And most of the time, they would stay silent afterwards, when it hit them, what I was really saying in my way. :D

Well, I had to write this down...

Some new Resource/Stock for you to donwload, use & do not forget to credit.... thanks! :Đ

Bittersweet Black and White
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6 Steps
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Let me put my hands around your throat & gently squeeze you, dear!

I'm a person who, if she gets furious, acts in extremes. It's either black or white, there are no shades of grey.
If someone argues with me & hurts me, there are only two options, either I hit them in the face after using a few swearwords regarding their ancestory or sexual preferences & habits or I use the silent treatment and walk away. The latter happens mostly if the person is related to me. :D

Yet the fights don't happen often these days, I have been more peaceful for the last years, something no one from my childhood would believe if you told them. But I can get weird, if I have to.

Let's take a step back to late Summer 1993 for a moment.
When I was about 11, I went to a Gymnasium, there one day I asked a classmate from South Africa, what she thought about people who use the cold shoulder or silent treatment, she answered, that she believed the person who uses these methods must be heartless. O...'kay!?

Well, back to January 2010.
To be more precise, the 12'th of January. My mother is being... well she's being herself.
And we had a very huge fight. She won't listen to any word I say.
You see, in my mother's eyes to be a grown & knowledgable woman you have to be married, have at least one child, & must have build a house with your bare hands and/or on your own(everything she had done by the time she was 19, literally), then... and only then can you say something that she might actually listen to... might!

I was fed up and screamed at her, then it clicked inside me. I set up the big red-brick wall in my mind & left her standing alone in the dining room. Starting my silent treatment on that day.

Until today.
34 days no talking to her & not listening when she would talk with me.
And not eating if she did cook something delicious for me, and that one actually hurt me more than her huge ego!!! :D

Then, this noon I saw her lying on the couch in the sitting room, moaning in pain, she had been sick a few times since the morning... and my heart ached. *sniffle*
Father told me, that she refused to eat all day because she was afraid of getting sick again.
I made her eat something, I'm still mad at her mind you, but she had to eat!

It hurt seeing her like that, I just had to talk a little bit to her, though I did behave a bit gruff. I mean, at least I did try, right?
After all I wanted nothing more than to shake her, and pick up the argument where we left it last time, something along the lines of:"You *peep* woman, why won't you f**king listen to me!? *Peep* you & your *peep*'ing family's thickheadedness... *Peep*, you*re so *peep*... *peep* *peep *peeeeeeep*!"
But I didn't, instead I stuffed her face with food & made her some Camomile Tea! <3

Let's see what tomorrow brings, if she's being a thorn in the back as soon as she feels better, I might reconsider a new round of the silent treatment.

What I was trying to say is, I am not really heartless. I love her. But this woman just knows which buttons she has to push. And there are moments where I just ask myself if she does it for fun or something.

I have the slight feeling, this post makes me sound like a bad person. D:
Oops, it's 5:20am & I need at least 4 hours of sleep before I have to start the new project today.


Of course you get the next set of Stocks/Resources... download, use & credit properly, please!

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Excited & Canada(PartI)

One more Day! :) I am so excited, so absolutely excited! -Why?

For a fortnight I will watch the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada on the TV & Net.
  1. I adore Canada
  2. I love Winter
  3. I like the Olympics
Canada... remember the first time I watched a canadian Horror Movie, I was 3 or 4? It's been so long ago, but the Movie was awesome, so gory! I only remember how people would run into a hotel, trying to get as high as possible, and as far away as possible away from the infected(?) ones who would puke strange stuff, it was from the late 70'ties or early 80'ties. and was there Donald Sutherland in it? I really cannot remember, only thing I know is, the Movie was so entertaining & I enjoyed it!

Then I remember, the Summer of 1987, we were in Turkey for 3 Months and I had bought my first own Cassette from Queen Both my older Brothers & I would listen to Madonna's 'True Blue Album' & Johnny Logan's 'Hold Me Now Album'.
We were watching the 2'nd World Championships in Athletics in Rome, and I was screaming at the top my Lungs for the one and only Ben Johnson. Who was, you guessed right, Canadian (well he was born Jamaican, but I only saw the tiny canadian Flag beside his Name) ;)

Around 1989 my Mother got sent a huge Lexicon of the World from Reader's Digest, it was more like a Tome(I can easily give you an Traumatic Brain Injury with it), I still have it lying at the bottom of one of my bookshelves. It's outdated but you can find some Countries, Cities & Flags that are not anymore. ^_^;

When my mother opened the big Package that contained it, I opened the Book and searched for Canada, not finding it first, because I had forgotten that in Germany we write it like this -> Kanada.
Searching it at the letter C & asking my Mother what kind of stupid Lexicon it was if it had not one of the biggest Countries of the World in it, I laughed a second later when I realised what was wrong!
For weeks I would read about this beautiful Country, there even were some big photographs from turkish, canadian & german Places, it made me happy.

I was a child but intelligent enough to know that Canada was further away from my Home than Turkey already was. And back then we had no Internet, only german BTX, which wasn't really useful as is the internet, and terribly expensive on top! :D

So I started reading everything I could get my hands one about Canada.
They made good Movies, Captain Kirk was one, well more like the Actor but... :D
They had awesome Weather (Yes, I think mostly cold Weather is awesome!!!)
& Great Sports, with lots of Fights in them! <3
Also they have gorgeous Flora & Fauna!!!

*sighs* Rereading this Entry I have to laugh, can any english speaking individual even understand one word when I get excited.
I have the feeling I use german idioms & grammar sometimes, and that I digress too much, sorry. ;) I still hope you get what i mean.

So, if you have the time to comment, what do you think of my Interpretation of the Olympic Flag at the top of this Blog-Entry? It took me 20 Minutes & I think in some way it is much better than the real one! XD ...And sorry for all the Links in this Post, I just had so much fun including some.


P.S.: After not including any in my last Post, I hope you'll like these new Stocks/Resources!
You should know the rules by now... download, use & credit! ;)

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

I got the Happy Award!

I was one of those awarded by the lovely Jesse last evening. Thank you. :)

What you have to do.:

1. Link the blogger who gave you the award on your post...

2. Write 10 things that make you happy...

3. Share it with at least 10 friends...

My happy list.:

1. It makes me happy whenever I learn a new Language(or parts of it) & a new Writing System...

2. It makes me happy when I can listen to lots of Music! Music is like Air to me...

3. It makes me happy as soon as the Weather gets colder and there's Rain, Fog, harsh Winds and/or Snow...

4. It makes me happy when my Muse strikes me & I am able to create new Art...

5. It makes me always happy when my Dog, the Cats & our Bird are happy. Especially my Dog, he is my Baby...

6. It makes me happy to do some traditional Crafts by hand every now & then, just because I can...

7. It makes me happy when I reach an important Point in my Life...

8. It makes me happy when I am able to be lazy, just lounging & daydreaming...

9. It makes me happy when I can read Books or watch Movies that are scary, gory and/or horror...

10. It makes me happy on the rare occasions when I feel uterrly tranquil & serene...

Now I tag... (in no special order)
01. rangr
02. nobu
03. calicolyst
04. theBluesman
05. Muza-chan
06. DUTA
07. Kevin Atteridg
08. ruma2008
09. Pinecone Camp
10. Kass

Monday, 1 February 2010

Palindrome Date anyone?

Yup, today it is the First of February in the Year 2010.

Which means, this Date is a Palindrome, at least in Countries like mine where we write the Date like this. :)

Palindrome, this word makes me laugh, it sounds like an abbreviation for Palin Syndrome.
I would even know how to spot this... Symptoms might include...
01. Lots of different weird glasses
02. Funny hairdo with an even funnier side parting. (which
accidentally coincides on which side to wear, with a
certain well known german Dictator Politician)
03. An unsettling 'Plastic Smile'
04. So much make-up/foundation/concealer, you won't be able
to see a single pore
05. Cheap colourised hair strands
06. Wearing Costumes/Suits with shoulder pads (you know, I
liked the 80'ties, really... the emphasis
lies on the Preterite of 'to like')
07. Failing in raising their own infants
08. Even more hideous 90's make-up

I think there might be a few more, but I'll drop it for now.

Yeah, well, Palindrome Day.
Which ends in a few hours, so good night y'all... C:

Some Stock/Resources... and as always... download, use, hafe fun & credit me!

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20090504 - 02
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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

637 Days

I just realised, that today is the 637'th Day of me being an Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarian.
Initially, I never thought I would stay one for so long. Becoming a vegeterian was more like seeking a solution to stop these stomach pains I kept having & to maybe even loose some weight.

Well, the plan actually just worked out 30%, as I haven't lost that much weight and I still have the stomach pains every now & then, but I do not think I want to eat meat again.

Just 2 Days ago I ate Veggy-Burgers consisting wheat & rice flour, onion, carrots & soy... and16 Days ago I ate Veggy-Sausages consisting Broccoli, Wheat flour & a few legumes for the first time.
I have to say the Burgers were terrible and I felt a bit sick afterwards, and I still have a pack in my Refrigerator & am too frugal to throw them away.
But the Sausages, aside from being a tad too salty, they were quite... yummy! :D I believe, I might buy them again.

And whenever I miss grilld, spiced Poultry, I just take a slice of self-baked Bread, heat it in the Toaster for 30 Seconds, spread some Butter on it & season it with Chicken-Spice.
Because, the Spice & Fat is actually what you(and I) truly miss.

I am done, must go to bed & read, then sleep. Must! ;)


As per usual, the free Resources/Stocks at the end of the Blog. Use + have fun + Credit! ;)

Nostaljik Sepia
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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Did I mention how much I hate GPs? *coughs*

Not only did one of them ruin my life because he was a fucked up liar, a drug addict who looked like a pimp with his curly hair-do & his gold necklace (plus fitting gold bracelet), who came to my Country without a real Diploma.

No, that's not the only Reason... but... over 60% of the general practitioners in our Country tell you one thing first, no matter what your physical ailment might be. Whether it sounds severe or not... the first sentence you'll hear from them is.:"You're only imagining this. :)"
Everyone's a born Hypochondriac to them, period!

A slight cough... you're imagining it.
Pneumonia........ you're imagining...
sprained hand.... you're imagine...
dead............. you're... *whoops*

And my GP is still in his Holidays, AND because I am not a whiny pussy who runs every second day to my doctor, I haven't been to him since June 2009, so I wasn't able to ask him HOW F**KING LONG he will be away this time....

Now I'm sitting here on my bed, not able to really focus for a single Second, postponing my current Project for the second week, too, and he's somewhere with his Family... and only he knows when he'll be back!
You know why? -'Cause a PG takes as much free days in a calendrical Year as they want. Just like that.

My doc is in the centre of our town, even though there is a GP barely 400 metres away from me... and you know why? Because this woman, calling herself a Doctor, has her surgery/office closed circa 360 days of the Year... that's why I have to walk to my GP for 40 minutes, even if I feel like shite & would like nothing more than to cry like a baby!

Hach.. I believe, I ranted the cerebral Aneurysm, that was about to form inside me, into non-existence.... I feel a bit better now.


Today I got 4 free Stocks/Resources for you... use, have fun... and please credit, will you!? ;)

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Twisted Braid
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Tre Knot
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Uneven Closed Braid
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Sunday, 3 January 2010

In flu Enza

Is anyone able to tell me, why the time stamp of my last post yesterday, is set on the 22'nd of December 2009?
Ah, forget it... I don't really want to know!

I am slowly feeling better, but still having the Flu.
In 2 days I'll go to visit my Doc and that will be it! :D

In other News, I had my first practical driving lessons, but thanks to the aforementioned Flu I had to stop after only 270 minutes of driving!
I will write about it more thoroughly tomorrow.

I started reading more regularly again in the past few weeks. I do 1 book minimum in 9 Days, just like before.
I had forgotten how much fun it was to read a few pages every noon & evening!

Okay, I really need to go to bed again, still feeling a little bit groggy.

Night to you all. ;)

A few digital Yummies for you! Use, credit properly & have fun creating!

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