Wednesday, 27 January 2010

637 Days

I just realised, that today is the 637'th Day of me being an Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarian.
Initially, I never thought I would stay one for so long. Becoming a vegeterian was more like seeking a solution to stop these stomach pains I kept having & to maybe even loose some weight.

Well, the plan actually just worked out 30%, as I haven't lost that much weight and I still have the stomach pains every now & then, but I do not think I want to eat meat again.

Just 2 Days ago I ate Veggy-Burgers consisting wheat & rice flour, onion, carrots & soy... and16 Days ago I ate Veggy-Sausages consisting Broccoli, Wheat flour & a few legumes for the first time.
I have to say the Burgers were terrible and I felt a bit sick afterwards, and I still have a pack in my Refrigerator & am too frugal to throw them away.
But the Sausages, aside from being a tad too salty, they were quite... yummy! :D I believe, I might buy them again.

And whenever I miss grilld, spiced Poultry, I just take a slice of self-baked Bread, heat it in the Toaster for 30 Seconds, spread some Butter on it & season it with Chicken-Spice.
Because, the Spice & Fat is actually what you(and I) truly miss.

I am done, must go to bed & read, then sleep. Must! ;)


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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Did I mention how much I hate GPs? *coughs*

Not only did one of them ruin my life because he was a fucked up liar, a drug addict who looked like a pimp with his curly hair-do & his gold necklace (plus fitting gold bracelet), who came to my Country without a real Diploma.

No, that's not the only Reason... but... over 60% of the general practitioners in our Country tell you one thing first, no matter what your physical ailment might be. Whether it sounds severe or not... the first sentence you'll hear from them is.:"You're only imagining this. :)"
Everyone's a born Hypochondriac to them, period!

A slight cough... you're imagining it.
Pneumonia........ you're imagining...
sprained hand.... you're imagine...
dead............. you're... *whoops*

And my GP is still in his Holidays, AND because I am not a whiny pussy who runs every second day to my doctor, I haven't been to him since June 2009, so I wasn't able to ask him HOW F**KING LONG he will be away this time....

Now I'm sitting here on my bed, not able to really focus for a single Second, postponing my current Project for the second week, too, and he's somewhere with his Family... and only he knows when he'll be back!
You know why? -'Cause a PG takes as much free days in a calendrical Year as they want. Just like that.

My doc is in the centre of our town, even though there is a GP barely 400 metres away from me... and you know why? Because this woman, calling herself a Doctor, has her surgery/office closed circa 360 days of the Year... that's why I have to walk to my GP for 40 minutes, even if I feel like shite & would like nothing more than to cry like a baby!

Hach.. I believe, I ranted the cerebral Aneurysm, that was about to form inside me, into non-existence.... I feel a bit better now.


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Sunday, 3 January 2010

In flu Enza

Is anyone able to tell me, why the time stamp of my last post yesterday, is set on the 22'nd of December 2009?
Ah, forget it... I don't really want to know!

I am slowly feeling better, but still having the Flu.
In 2 days I'll go to visit my Doc and that will be it! :D

In other News, I had my first practical driving lessons, but thanks to the aforementioned Flu I had to stop after only 270 minutes of driving!
I will write about it more thoroughly tomorrow.

I started reading more regularly again in the past few weeks. I do 1 book minimum in 9 Days, just like before.
I had forgotten how much fun it was to read a few pages every noon & evening!

Okay, I really need to go to bed again, still feeling a little bit groggy.

Night to you all. ;)

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