Thursday, 11 February 2010

Excited & Canada(PartI)

One more Day! :) I am so excited, so absolutely excited! -Why?

For a fortnight I will watch the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada on the TV & Net.
  1. I adore Canada
  2. I love Winter
  3. I like the Olympics
Canada... remember the first time I watched a canadian Horror Movie, I was 3 or 4? It's been so long ago, but the Movie was awesome, so gory! I only remember how people would run into a hotel, trying to get as high as possible, and as far away as possible away from the infected(?) ones who would puke strange stuff, it was from the late 70'ties or early 80'ties. and was there Donald Sutherland in it? I really cannot remember, only thing I know is, the Movie was so entertaining & I enjoyed it!

Then I remember, the Summer of 1987, we were in Turkey for 3 Months and I had bought my first own Cassette from Queen Both my older Brothers & I would listen to Madonna's 'True Blue Album' & Johnny Logan's 'Hold Me Now Album'.
We were watching the 2'nd World Championships in Athletics in Rome, and I was screaming at the top my Lungs for the one and only Ben Johnson. Who was, you guessed right, Canadian (well he was born Jamaican, but I only saw the tiny canadian Flag beside his Name) ;)

Around 1989 my Mother got sent a huge Lexicon of the World from Reader's Digest, it was more like a Tome(I can easily give you an Traumatic Brain Injury with it), I still have it lying at the bottom of one of my bookshelves. It's outdated but you can find some Countries, Cities & Flags that are not anymore. ^_^;

When my mother opened the big Package that contained it, I opened the Book and searched for Canada, not finding it first, because I had forgotten that in Germany we write it like this -> Kanada.
Searching it at the letter C & asking my Mother what kind of stupid Lexicon it was if it had not one of the biggest Countries of the World in it, I laughed a second later when I realised what was wrong!
For weeks I would read about this beautiful Country, there even were some big photographs from turkish, canadian & german Places, it made me happy.

I was a child but intelligent enough to know that Canada was further away from my Home than Turkey already was. And back then we had no Internet, only german BTX, which wasn't really useful as is the internet, and terribly expensive on top! :D

So I started reading everything I could get my hands one about Canada.
They made good Movies, Captain Kirk was one, well more like the Actor but... :D
They had awesome Weather (Yes, I think mostly cold Weather is awesome!!!)
& Great Sports, with lots of Fights in them! <3
Also they have gorgeous Flora & Fauna!!!

*sighs* Rereading this Entry I have to laugh, can any english speaking individual even understand one word when I get excited.
I have the feeling I use german idioms & grammar sometimes, and that I digress too much, sorry. ;) I still hope you get what i mean.

So, if you have the time to comment, what do you think of my Interpretation of the Olympic Flag at the top of this Blog-Entry? It took me 20 Minutes & I think in some way it is much better than the real one! XD ...And sorry for all the Links in this Post, I just had so much fun including some.


P.S.: After not including any in my last Post, I hope you'll like these new Stocks/Resources!
You should know the rules by now... download, use & credit! ;)

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


  1. I liked very much the rework of the Olympic flag - very apt and timeous. Nice one!

    I too love Canada and will be watching the TV and taking it all in.

  2. @Rob Inukshuk - Thank you, it is fitting, isn't it? ;)

    I'm glad, I'm not the only one who likes this Country so much. I hope for us both that it will be one of the best Winter Olympics & with as less as possible Dramas. :D

  3. A feeling of throbbing pulse of the athlete is splendid.
    Canada is the country which is good for a competition of the winter.

  4. @ruma2008 - Yes it is, the Country's name almost screams Winter! :D

  5. Great flag, I like it.
    It's not surprising that you or anyone else likes Canada. It's one of the best quality places on the planet. It's official, written in UN reports.

    As for the Olympic games in Vancouver,lucky those that have tickets. We'll be watching the TV and hope to enjoy it.

  6. Your flag would have represented more of canada than the current one. The muse has struck, I guess :)

    I wonder how your mascots would look like.

  7. I'm so happy you love Canada. I'm very lucky to live here. However, we have magnolias, tulips and roses blooming right now, during the winter Olympics. Who knew!

  8. @DUTA - Thank you! ;)hmhmm.. Canada is special! <3
    In my case the tickets wouldn't have been a problem, but 'Im terribly afraid of flying, so I will never see Canada, or Vancouver in real Life. :(

    @rangr - Ah, yes... that Muse of mine, he is literally the most handsome in this World, and whispers in my Ear ever so foten...
    Mascots? -Hm, let me think. How about human-hunting Seal with a bat in its hands? ;)

    @Jo - Yes, Canada has always been one of my personal favourites. :)
    I think that is so unfortunate, it should have been snowy & cold all the more this year because of the Olympics. It's a shame. :/
    Oh, and thank you for following, btw! ;)

  9. Well, as a Canadian, I adore your Olympic flag! It is pretty exciting being here in Vancouver, during the Olympics. Wish you could come out for a visit! I also wish we had some snow here....

  10. @Pinecone Camp - Great you like it! :D Yeah, I wish that, too.
    It's a shame that you don't have enough snow, especially now, it's such a bad timing from mother nature. :/


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