Monday, 22 February 2010

How come, my blood isn't brown? :Đ

My parents made an egoistical mistake when they married.
You see, in Germany it was okay for a german woman to marry a non-german man, and to even have children with him.
Then there were the few fools who would marry a dutch, british or even an italian woman. That also was, to a certain degree, ok in Germany.
But a german man couldn't just marry a woman from Turkey, China or some weird Country like that.
Yet... father did so, he took the hot turkish Tourist as his wife.
So my two brothers and I had to suffer for it... *bleh*

Now to the actual Story... ;)
One evening, I was 3 or 4 maybe, father came home from work,. Doing manual labour & the commute on top was exhausting, so my mother would 'order' him to stay seated in his chair while she brought the dishes & the meal onto the dining table.
My brothers would also not move, because they were boys, and I?
I sat on fathers lap until my mother would seat herself, too, only then I would go & sit down on my own chair.
Sitting on fathers lap was the best part of the day, except when mother and I would have breakfast alone while everyone was at work & school.

That evening everyone was a bit lazy, mother had cut her finger while peeling the onions & I had seen her red blood flowing... remember I was circa 3.

I asked my father why my blood was not brown... you heard right, why was it not brown?
Everyone laughed at me. Mother, father & my two older brothers.

Now, why would I say this?
My mother was naturally tanned, and come next Summer she would get an even more pronunced tan & when she was younger the veins underneath her skin were almost not visible.
But my father was light skinned, with ash-blonde hair & light green eyes. His veins 'popping' out in a greenish-blue on the back of his strong hands. And I hadn't seen him actually bleeding...

I mean, everybody in our neighbourhood would say that me and my siblings were different.
(Behind mom's & dad's back only of course)
And since I had seen a fews days before on educational television, that if you mix more than 2 primary colours you got brown out of it.
The german's typical everyday racism confused me even more, because in everyones eyes we were different & somehow people made me think my siblings & me, we were 'wrong'.
So green(dad) + red(mom) = brown...(me & my siblings), right?

I explained my thoughts to them & my mother stopped laughing. Only muttering that she hated the moment her plane landed on german Soil. :/

I still bleed red when I accidentally cut myself. And everytime I do such a mistake, I remember the moment one childish question bursting my bubble. This bubble consisted me, my siblings, my parents & my beautiful country.

These days I dislike Germany. For my taste, there are too many Germans in this Country.

By the way, questions like that made me the family clown from a very young age, my family laughed a lot because of me & the stuff I would say. I always spoke my mind.
And most of the time, they would stay silent afterwards, when it hit them, what I was really saying in my way. :D

Well, I had to write this down...

Some new Resource/Stock for you to donwload, use & do not forget to credit.... thanks! :Đ

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  1. So, I understand you can speak Turkish, German and English. That's the best part - the languages and the cultures behind the people. Color should be less important. Each color has its specific beauty. But sometimes in life it acts as a barrier and this is of course very undesirable.

  2. As Duta says, color should be less important. It is only skin deep.

    I often wonder about people who are racist, how they would feel if they knew they had received a heart or a liver transplant from someone of a different race. Once we get past the initial layer of skin, we are all exactly the same -- even our blood. :-)

    It reminds me of the famous quote from "The Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare, when Shylock says:

    ...If you prick us, do we not bleed?
    If you tickle us, do we not laugh?
    If you poison us, do we not die?"

    We are all the same.

  3. @DUTA - Yes, I can. And even a few more lanugages when it comes to reading, you see, I'm a linguaphile. ;)
    The best part is, that these days my mother is very light skinned & my father tans easier than her since he passed a certain age. :D
    But yes, it can be hard...

    @Jo - I think that racists don't think so far as you do. They are simple minded & can only repeat what others said or did before them, even if it is wrong. :/
    I always loved this quote, it is very fitting!

  4. The understanding of the situation is difficult unless oneself becomes the totally same situation.

    However, it is difficult for myself to recognize myself.
    Probably this may be more difficult.

  5. I'm glad I live in a place where inter-racial marriage is the norm and that my half Asian kids don't have to deal with bigotry.

  6. @ruma2008 - Thank you for your understanding. :) I have the inkling that I won't find my place in this world.

    @Captain D. - I, too, am happy for you & your children. Believe me 'those People' are very capable of destroying a multiracial family with their ignorance & racism.
    And thank you for following, btw! :D

  7. i'm sorry to read about yr unfortunate situation but my advice is just to ignore those racists and it's not worth your while even to hate them. I'm also quite fortunate to be in an environment where such interracial marriages are freely tolerated. Anyway there's nothing to worry about as the colour of blood will remain red till the end of time. Mixed marriages tend to produce wonderful & beautiful children, just look into yr mirrors at home and so be thankful & grateful to god.....even if you're pitch black you'll still be my best of friend, rest assured, hot turkish tourist eh! *hugs*

  8. @theBluesman - Thank you!!! *hugs* Those words really lift my mood!


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