Sunday, 21 March 2010

Para... what? Is that Spanish?

After watching the Paralympics as much as is possible on the net, far away from Vancouver, and reading about it in another blog here...

Wait scratch that first line... I love the Paralympics!
It was around 6 o'clock in Ocotber, early 90'ties, the evening before my Birthday. I had problems walking for about 2 weeks and my father came home from my new GP, with my newest X-Rays.
He told me to stop walking, I sat down onto the couch and dad called my mom from to kitchen to join us. Both my brothers sat down, too, and that weird feeling in my belly that I had for a few days got worse by the second.

I was told that early in the morning on my birthday an Ambulance would take me to the Hospital, and that before the end of the week, I(my hips) would either get 'fixated' to weights for 6 Months or that I would undergo Surgery.

2 days after my B-Day, the Professor-Surgeon & two other Doctors had coaxed my parents into signing the Surgery on me.
I was in Surgery 4.5 hours, and almost died a 'few times'. Afterwards, I would lie unusually long in the 'Aufwachraum' as we call it here, literally the wake-up-room. There I almost died twice, by choking on my own vomit!

I stopped believing in God after the first Surgery.
...and 3 Years later I had to undergo a second Surgery...

After both Surgeries, I was confined to a wheel-chair & later bound to Forearm-Crutches... all in all for about 1.5 Years!
There were times, when I wished to just die!

Now, I walk on my own two feet, and if you wouldn't know it, you would never believe that I had a problem at all! You might perhaps wonder, why I never walk fast or run, but a Surgery? -No one would believe it! ;)

So... I watched people playing hockey two days ago, people who need a wheel-chair in their everyday life and I loved watching them, it was better than ordinary ice-hockey. One canadian hockey-player got his legs amputated as an 18-months old baby, right up to his hips! But he did play like hell! :)

Their disabilities are much worse than mine. Some cannot see, some cannot walk & some cannot hear.
The mere thought of being deaf scares the hell out of me, I would not be able to listen to music! *shudders*

That's why I like the Paralympics more than the Olympics!
Those people should get more recognition! End of Story! ;)


P.S.: I wish I could answer you comments here in the same manner, like I can on LiveJournal, that way you could read my answers to what you say through a notice... :/

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

*snore* What, hmm...?

First of all, sorry for being away so long & not reading your blogs, I am catching up, reading them all day! 8D

I mentioned in passing that I was taking driving lessons, right? Let it be said, driving is just not my forte... :)
My mom's weeping at the mere thought of me driving, telling me that she & her father(my grandpa) are from a family of car-loving people who drive like they were born to do it 24/7. Sorry mama, for disappointing you...
My driving teacher hides it well, but I think I scare the shite out of her when we drive & she must be quite happy that she has the brake pedal under her foot, too!
Not to mention the poor 'schooling-car' I violate in my lessons. You should hear the ugly sounds of that unfortunate motor.

Until last Spring I vehemently refused to get my driving license, always resorting to walking, riding a bike or driving by bus & train. I just don't like the thought of using an air-polluting vehicle just so I can travel comfortably to my destination.

But life's getting hectic as hell in the past months, me not getting younger despite of what I'm telling myself & some health-problems getting severe again, I gave in.

And man, is it pricy to get a driving license where I live, my Country tries to squeeze as much money as possbile out of you, before you even start your driving school.
Not to mention the (wannabe-)biometric passport photograph, for the actual driver's license. I had to buy them in a six-pack, paying 20€ minimum, even though I only need one for the license. And I look like shite in them, too! D:
I already paid 850 € +- 50€ until now and still have to pay around 600 for some lessons I will drive in the coming days & the test.

Ooh, and I am thinking about something I should do when I am done & bought my car... maybe I should write in our Town's bi-weekly newspaper, the time & date of when I need to drive, one week ahead. For example doing my & my parents groceries or when I have to drive my parents to the GP or something else that's too far for them, just to make sure that people won't be on the streets, saving their lives in the process... ;)

Tomorrow it's another 90 minutes of driving, maybe I'll stay alive & we'll read each others blogs in the future...
'til then, bye!


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