Sunday, 21 March 2010

Para... what? Is that Spanish?

After watching the Paralympics as much as is possible on the net, far away from Vancouver, and reading about it in another blog here...

Wait scratch that first line... I love the Paralympics!
It was around 6 o'clock in Ocotber, early 90'ties, the evening before my Birthday. I had problems walking for about 2 weeks and my father came home from my new GP, with my newest X-Rays.
He told me to stop walking, I sat down onto the couch and dad called my mom from to kitchen to join us. Both my brothers sat down, too, and that weird feeling in my belly that I had for a few days got worse by the second.

I was told that early in the morning on my birthday an Ambulance would take me to the Hospital, and that before the end of the week, I(my hips) would either get 'fixated' to weights for 6 Months or that I would undergo Surgery.

2 days after my B-Day, the Professor-Surgeon & two other Doctors had coaxed my parents into signing the Surgery on me.
I was in Surgery 4.5 hours, and almost died a 'few times'. Afterwards, I would lie unusually long in the 'Aufwachraum' as we call it here, literally the wake-up-room. There I almost died twice, by choking on my own vomit!

I stopped believing in God after the first Surgery.
...and 3 Years later I had to undergo a second Surgery...

After both Surgeries, I was confined to a wheel-chair & later bound to Forearm-Crutches... all in all for about 1.5 Years!
There were times, when I wished to just die!

Now, I walk on my own two feet, and if you wouldn't know it, you would never believe that I had a problem at all! You might perhaps wonder, why I never walk fast or run, but a Surgery? -No one would believe it! ;)

So... I watched people playing hockey two days ago, people who need a wheel-chair in their everyday life and I loved watching them, it was better than ordinary ice-hockey. One canadian hockey-player got his legs amputated as an 18-months old baby, right up to his hips! But he did play like hell! :)

Their disabilities are much worse than mine. Some cannot see, some cannot walk & some cannot hear.
The mere thought of being deaf scares the hell out of me, I would not be able to listen to music! *shudders*

That's why I like the Paralympics more than the Olympics!
Those people should get more recognition! End of Story! ;)


P.S.: I wish I could answer you comments here in the same manner, like I can on LiveJournal, that way you could read my answers to what you say through a notice... :/

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  1. hey u there..u r doing a gr8 job...its a fabulous blog..its simply amazing to see u with such thoughtful nature..i am going 2 become ur follower..keep up the good work...may u get success in all walks of life.hope u would like to visit my blog too....

  2. Sorry to hear about the suffering you went through. But 'All's well that ends well'.
    I'm glad you can walk normally and that no one could detect any dissability on you.

    The Paralympics deserve indeed to get all the available Recognition and more for their high achievements.

  3. Omigoodness, I had no idea...! You must have suffered terribly, and you are so young. Far too young to have suffered like that.

    The Paralympics had a lot of recognition here in Vancouver, but unfortunately their games were not broadcast on television as extensively as the regular Olympics. Perhaps in time they will be all combined as one.

  4. Hello.
    Paralympics gives me an impression.
    The pure passion is the origin of the Olympics.

  5. @Rishabh - Thank you very much! It's very appreciated, & I'll take a look at yours later, too. :)

    @DUTA - Thank you! Yes, I am glad, too!
    Though, the drugs they gave me back then were gorgeous! ;)

  6. @Jo - Oh well, it's not something I talk about often. ;) But, they gave me some good stuff to numb the pain, for free! ;)
    That would be awesome. If they would do the Olympics & Paralympics at the same time!!

    @ruma2008 - It's about being part of it and not just who the winner is, right? ;)

  7. I was actually watching a rebroadcast of the woman's impaired sight super G last night. These woman, visually impaired or outright blind, were skiing the super G behind a guide skier who would radio back to them to tell them when they needed to turn. Freaking amazing.

  8. thanks for sharing yr story dear, i've no idea really, anyway life must go on, be strong, we are always here for you......

  9. @Captain D. - And it's so fabulous how fast they were, too! :D
    Such amazing team work for one goal! One of my overall personal faves was Brian McKeever, who teamed up with his Brother if I'm not mistaken, and won 3 Gold Medals in Cross-County Skiing!

    @theBluesman - Thank you! For being so nice about it... I know that life must go on, it's been long ago anyways. ;)

  10. Paralympics may succeed to spirit of the Olympics purely.
    They impressed me.

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  12. Morning!
    to answer your question, on my blog, I sometimes funktify (pretend word) my images in photoshop. I love the cross process look, and used to do that with film. ahh, film.
    Have a great day!


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