Tuesday, 16 March 2010

*snore* What, hmm...?

First of all, sorry for being away so long & not reading your blogs, I am catching up, reading them all day! 8D

I mentioned in passing that I was taking driving lessons, right? Let it be said, driving is just not my forte... :)
My mom's weeping at the mere thought of me driving, telling me that she & her father(my grandpa) are from a family of car-loving people who drive like they were born to do it 24/7. Sorry mama, for disappointing you...
My driving teacher hides it well, but I think I scare the shite out of her when we drive & she must be quite happy that she has the brake pedal under her foot, too!
Not to mention the poor 'schooling-car' I violate in my lessons. You should hear the ugly sounds of that unfortunate motor.

Until last Spring I vehemently refused to get my driving license, always resorting to walking, riding a bike or driving by bus & train. I just don't like the thought of using an air-polluting vehicle just so I can travel comfortably to my destination.

But life's getting hectic as hell in the past months, me not getting younger despite of what I'm telling myself & some health-problems getting severe again, I gave in.

And man, is it pricy to get a driving license where I live, my Country tries to squeeze as much money as possbile out of you, before you even start your driving school.
Not to mention the (wannabe-)biometric passport photograph, for the actual driver's license. I had to buy them in a six-pack, paying 20€ minimum, even though I only need one for the license. And I look like shite in them, too! D:
I already paid 850 € +- 50€ until now and still have to pay around 600 for some lessons I will drive in the coming days & the test.

Ooh, and I am thinking about something I should do when I am done & bought my car... maybe I should write in our Town's bi-weekly newspaper, the time & date of when I need to drive, one week ahead. For example doing my & my parents groceries or when I have to drive my parents to the GP or something else that's too far for them, just to make sure that people won't be on the streets, saving their lives in the process... ;)

Tomorrow it's another 90 minutes of driving, maybe I'll stay alive & we'll read each others blogs in the future...
'til then, bye!


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  1. I used to be amazed by the fact that people drive their car for very short distances, to the near shop or grocery store. Lately I've become aware of the fact that driving the car even to the store it's too much for them as they order their items by internet and it's brought home to them. Times change.

    Good Luck to you with your driving lessons and the driver's licence!

  2. to walking, riding a bike or driving by bus & train.

    It is splendid for a human being.
    Probably it is good for the earth.

  3. I got driving licence when I was 22.
    ( I had to get it to get job )
    Now, I rest driing.
    If I could have a Electric vehicle, I would enjoy driving.

    Any way, I hope you get driving licence soon!

  4. Take those driving lessons and take them well my dear. These lessons are for the good of you too and you'll appreciate these lessons one day when you'll be driving alone in a car on a busy highway WITHOUT the driving school instructor with the additional brake at her feet seated by your side. That could be scary. But don't worry you'll get the license as you seems to be all fired up after spending quite a sum in an effort to get your driving lesson. I would love to travel in your car one day and watch you drive. My feeling is you're going to be a fast driver but don't worry there's no need to put an ad in the paper so that the traffic is cleared for your purpose as these driving lessons will ensure that there's no necessity for such an ad. All the best in yr lesson and get it over with soonest possible.

    BTW have you decided on what car to buy. If you haven't just choose the colour first, which i'm sure it's going to be red, right my dear?

  5. @DUTA - It's crazy, right? -I mean, what's so hard to just move that lazy a** & buy your stuff in real life?
    Thank you for both, I need all the luck, I'm not much of a fan of driving a car...

    @ruma2008 - Yes, it is! :D And a good way to stay fit, too.
    But time management & busy days 'need' a car.. :/

  6. @nobu - Yeah, it's more of a nuissance, isn't it?
    And Electric Car would be awesome, like the one from Honda, but it is so pricy over her, I cry just remembering the price, mind you!
    :) Thank you, I'l do my best!

    @theBluesman - That's what i keep telling myself. She won't be there later, but I'm not a fast Driver. ;) My Family calls me funny names like Stevie Wonder, because i drive slower than is allowed... :D
    Thank you big time for the encouragement!!!

    Yes, I actually knew which car to buy before I even started my lessons.
    It's going to be a Honda Fit(called Honda Jazz in Germany) in either light metallic blue or metallic pistachio. No dark colours, since they aren't as visible in the dark as their lighter pendants.

    But if I could buy a Ford Mustang 1964-69, then it would be Red, definitely! ;)

  7. try the blood red colour, my neighbour has one brand new red colour, she always looks stunning driving the red car

  8. I wish we didn't need the car so much here, but everything is so spread out and taking transit takes so damn long.

  9. @theBluesman - We'll see... ;)

    @Captain D. - Well, in the case of Canadians I can understand that, the dimensions are huge there!


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