Sunday, 11 April 2010

To reuse or not to reuse! No question...

This seems to be a very productive weekend so far! (In more than one ways)
And my frugal/thrifty heart is happy, too. C:

Yesterday I was being all crafty.... and sawed out three pieces with an electric saw, to produce a laptop table/tray. I started late in the evening with the project, so I had to postpone the sanding & screwing(all parts together) onto next Saturday.
It stared with last Month, when my mother was about to throw away a table in her kitchen, which she got from a neighbour 14 years ago. I asked her if she would give me its black tabletop made out of chipboard, it is 80cm in diameter so I will have plenty of material to use, and she agreed.

But what made me most happy, was the possibility to reuse resources. The table was 15+ years old and the screws, I hopefully will use next Weekend to put it all together, are about 10 years old and from an old piece of furniture that had to be thrown away some time ago.

There is no need to buy something manufactured in a factory, if it is easy to create by yourself! -I am talking of DIY here.
-You say... "But I cannot saw! Lulz!"
-I say... "Ask a sibling or someone else close to you, for those parts in which you lack the skills!"

For example, at a tricky part yesterday, I asked one of my brothers to saw a piece off of the 'legs'. You see, it has been 9.5 years now that I used and electric saw and on top of it the tabletop was black-black, so it was hard to see the actual line which I had drawn with my pencil, and I became a bit unsure at one part.
...Mother Nature will thank you! ;)

Oh, and while we are at Nature and such. I am thinking of installing a little (home) Herb-Garden in a corner of my balcony or the kitchen counter.
The prices for herbs like Sage, Verbena & Thyme are far too high in my opinion if you take into account, that the contents taste too vapid, due to the sachets of herbs being already old when you buy them!
Maybe that way I can also make my Veggie-Burgers taste like food... ;)

I was going to write about something else, too, but I forgot what it was about. The weather changes every few hours in this past days so I am having a continuous headache. *bleh*

Eco Chick Extraordinaire <3

Here we go again, with some Freebies for you! Have fun using & Credit! ;)

Tsws 007
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

Test baeumchen
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


  1. So you've had a very busy weekend eh my dear, just be very careful with the electric saw, good idea to let the boys do it, i hope to see the final product of yr creativity in the next post perhaps, take care.

  2. It is a very pretty smile.
    The peaceful expression is beautiful.

  3. I also like DIY; it gives a woman great satisfaction to prove to herself that Yes she can.
    I started with small items from Ikea that need assembling, and it went on a bit further.
    Kudos to you for reusing an old piece of furniture to make a laptop table/tray!

  4. A herb garden near the kitchen would be nice. Ours is at the back of the garden and I think my wife purposely waits for windy rainy nights to cook things that need them so she can send me out there.

  5. @theBluesman - Well, it will take at least another 2 weeks until I can post pics, though they will be lossy, since I have to use a phone-camera.
    My digital Camera brokes a few Months ago. :(
    But I'll try to remember to post the outcome...

    @ruma2008 - Lol, thank you!! ;)

  6. @DUTA - Thank you... yes, we can! :D
    Imo, recycling & reusing is very important!

    @Captain D. - *evil cackle* Women are like that!
    I guess I will have it in my kitchen, since I have no one to get the herbs for me while it rains.. :D

  7. I love diy too. What a good girl you are! I love your table trays - very good use of an old table. You've inspired to do a little DIY this weekend!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    And, I thank for your always admiring my calligraphy.

    Happy weekend.
    From the Far East.
    Best regards.

  9. @Pinecone Camp - Tahnkies! ^_^;
    Yap, recycling/reusing stuff makes me happy. And I'm very pleased, this post had such an impact & inspired you to do some diy, too.

    @ruma2008 - My pleasure, dear!
    And thank you... to you, too! :)

  10.'re great doing all this..I remember my mom would also crafts especially when she have a lot in mind...

    keep it up..


  11. @irish on bizz - Yes, it's a good way to keep you from thinking too much, just do some crafty stuff! :)

    And thank you for following, too! :D

  12. Oh, very cool! I NEED one of those, my laptop gets so hot that honestly, it burns my thighs when I use it in bed. Actually, what I need (and am getting) is a new laptop, but I like the idea of making your own lap desk. Thanks for stopping by, and I am proud to be a "stalker" now!

  13. Welcome to the blue sky of the Far East.

  14. In answer to your recent question, Ms. Panthress, the 'bokeh' was intentional!
    have a good weekend.

  15. @shari - I am also getting myself a external laptop cooler, to put it between tray and laptop, that way I can do some 3D renderings in the summer without killing it. :D

    Thank you for stalking! ;) I'm going to follow you back in a minute.

    @ruma2008 - The pleasure is mine... ;)

    @Pinecomp Camp - Hmhmm... thank you for answering! ^_^


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