Thursday, 27 May 2010

Books, hiatus & vroom!

So what happened in these past 3 weeks, since I updated the last time?

I found & donwloaded a new 3D-Program. It is freeware!
And thanks to another Blogger's post a few days ago, I jumped from one link to another and found some 3D freebies from a interieurs manufacturer & shop.

I found a book by accident in our public Library, fell in love with it from the first page!
This is his debut and he is a good writer, so I instantly became a fan.
Beware, this is the german version. The original, english Title of it is "Jinn". You should read it, it is a very varied read... horror, thriller, mystery, detective & crime are just a few genres you could put this in. :)
Dämon Dämon by Matthew B.J. Delaney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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My eldest brother emigrated to Turkey & is having a great time over there. :)

A tiny tyre squeal for mankind, a huge blast for me... XD
A few days ago I drove the car constantly at 165km/h (yup, that's ≈ 102.53mph) on the Autobahn, which is my newest speed-record now.

I have to take a hiatus from blogging until (at minimum) next Thursday, the 3'rd of June.
I will also try to read the blogs from the past few days since I had not enough time to visit your blogs, sorry for that. :C
I hope you have a nice time!


P.S.: On the 2'nd of June 2010, I ask all of you to cross your fingers for me, please. :) I will need it!

Here 2 new freebies, for those who are in need of digital resources... Download, use & credit, please! ;)

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Un-unrelated Stories I - Blue Phase

It can happen at any time, I wake up and my favourite colour changes for the next few, months, years... it happens in irregular intervals! I can never *assess* it, the beginnings & the ends of those phases melt into each other. The longest Phases were my Royal Blue from 1995 - 1999 & my Chartreuse from 2003 - 2007. :)

My current Phase started at the end of Autumn 2007 and is Blue, I lean towards Medium Blue.

It all goes like this. In these phases, I tend to use & buy/collect clothes, footwear, accessoiries, shawls, handbags and/or jewellery in this colour. (Also those hues which are adjacent, or a nuance of that shade.)

Those Bordeaux-Red FILA trainers I bought in spring 2001, when I was in my bordeaux phase, I wore them as often as possible. When it was time to clean them up, I bought another pair of trainers from a no-name(as we call them here) Brand, which I wore while my FILA's were drying and/or in addition to more formal trousers, 'cause they were more slim & feminin, and changeât(like Taffeta, a timeless fevourite of mine).
I loved them!
From that time I still own a lot of brodeaux, changeât wallets, purses & handbags. :D And I still use them, though they do not appeal visually that much to me nowadays.

Just a few weeks ago I bought myself a Hobo Bag with a colour that is a mixture between midnight blue & midnight green. I guess it was also a compromise between my blue phase & the remainders of my chartreuse phase... as an 'homage' maybe? ;)

Eyeshadow, Mascara, main accents & even artistic outpours at that time are heavily influenced by which phase I am in.
At college, later at work & even privately people sometimes would notice & ask me about it, and i would feel weird & stupid about it, but I could & can not change this habit. :D
Has anybody of you a quirk like this? Or as I call them, moments of madness.
If yes, then to what extent? -I would really like to know.

I do not try to say, that other colours do not look good to me or that I do not respond to them. Or that I literally walk around monotonous.
Still, they are very dominant, even at those time, when I only use them as an accentuation to mainly black or grey clothes.


Oh how very fitting, for todays entry... blue resources & stocks. :D
Download, use & have fun!

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YourChoice pack 02
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Saturday, 1 May 2010

It has been 2 Years now...

It was a Wednesday, the 30'th of April 2008, the Day I last ate meat. :)

A day later, the 1'st of May, I woke up & had breakfast without any Süçük or other meaty food.

At first I thought, I might eat a bit of Poultry every 7 days. But when the 7'th day came I wasn't even interested in it and went straight for my Soya-Margarine, home-made bread with some cheese & lots of raw button mushrooms, as if I had always been an ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

And though I have always been very mindful of what I eat, after becoming a vegetarian I doubled my effort.
Did I know & love healthy food before, like...
peas, mung beans, shiitake, kale, broccoli, cashews, bulgur, yoğurt, chard, pistachios, aubergines, walnuts, Quark & common mushrooms.
Then now came the time to find more food to like & eat... and I am still searching for more to eat.
Food like Amaranth & Quinoa are next on my list.

Another added bonus is, that vegetables, nuts, & fruits taste different to me now.
As if my gustatory nerves had been rewritten... Tabula Rasa, so to speak.

Some food that I used to dislike as a kid, like Okra, Taro & Zucchini, taste ok or even great now.
My diet still sucks, but I hope I will be able to improve the eating habits in 'my' 3'rd year.

I guess, that's it for today! :D
The links are for those people who do not know the mentioned food & because I had nothing else to do right now.
And yes, I know grown men & women, which have never heard of Kale, Bulgur or Aubergines.


Asalways, some digital resources for you all. Download, use & credit! ;)

YourChoice pack 01
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

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