Thursday, 27 May 2010

Books, hiatus & vroom!

So what happened in these past 3 weeks, since I updated the last time?

I found & donwloaded a new 3D-Program. It is freeware!
And thanks to another Blogger's post a few days ago, I jumped from one link to another and found some 3D freebies from a interieurs manufacturer & shop.

I found a book by accident in our public Library, fell in love with it from the first page!
This is his debut and he is a good writer, so I instantly became a fan.
Beware, this is the german version. The original, english Title of it is "Jinn". You should read it, it is a very varied read... horror, thriller, mystery, detective & crime are just a few genres you could put this in. :)
Dämon Dämon by Matthew B.J. Delaney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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My eldest brother emigrated to Turkey & is having a great time over there. :)

A tiny tyre squeal for mankind, a huge blast for me... XD
A few days ago I drove the car constantly at 165km/h (yup, that's ≈ 102.53mph) on the Autobahn, which is my newest speed-record now.

I have to take a hiatus from blogging until (at minimum) next Thursday, the 3'rd of June.
I will also try to read the blogs from the past few days since I had not enough time to visit your blogs, sorry for that. :C
I hope you have a nice time!


P.S.: On the 2'nd of June 2010, I ask all of you to cross your fingers for me, please. :) I will need it!

Here 2 new freebies, for those who are in need of digital resources... Download, use & credit, please! ;)

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


  1. Hi there! Oh, glad you're back on the blog, I'm always happy to see you when you stop by LBD! Thanks for keeping us up to date, my fingers will be crossed for you on the 2nd!

  2. Good luck on the 2nd. And I'll look out for that book.

  3. Turkey seems to be doing better economically than its neighbour Greece. And yet I think Germany has more to offer both economically and culturally.

    Anyway, I wish your brother a smooth integration in his new country, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the 2nd of June.

  4. World tide "3D"
    yes, The wonderful future will wait for us.

  5. @shari - Heya... Yeah, I love your blog, it's very inspiring.
    And thank you for crossing your fingers. ;)

    @Captain D. - Thank you! ^_^
    You really should, it's a good read. I so loved it, even though it had no zombies in it. ;)

  6. @DUTA - Yes, Turkey has been in an up for some time. :)
    Though I have to say that culturally Germany is on a much lower level.

    Thank you, I will tell him right that. ;)
    and thank you for crossing your fingers! C:

    @ruma2008 - Yup, dear! :D
    It's entirely a world of its own!

  7. oh it's been a busy three weeks huh, had a good rest i hope, i took a walk too the last 2 weeks or so and i felt good. i hope something has turned out right for you now that it's the 3rd june already. 165km/hr? that's mighty fast altho yr Autonbahn has no speed limit, i remember traveling from Hanover to Hamburg once and the speeding vehicles were just scary, just be very careful and there's no need to exceed yr current speed record.

  8. @theBluesman - Well, no real rest for me in the past 3 weeks, but I'm glad you had some quality time for yourself. :)

    Yes, it turned out great for me, I got my driving license without any major errors! :D

    Oh, that speed record was only like a game while I still had help from my teacher(she also has brakes in front of her seat; just in case) :)
    I guess I will go no faster than 140km/h when I drive alone now...

    Yes, it is kinda scary on german highways, people drive as if the devil was after them. ;)

    You were in Germany? :D -Awesome! I hope your stay was a good one!

  9. mmm, so you finally got yr licence to drive without any major errors eh, congrats, stay that way or even better without any errors at all when you're on yr own on the roads. And 140km/h is still quite fast, just be careful as the faster the speed that we are travelling the shorter is the time that we've got to think & react. Defensive driving should still be preferred.

    I had a short experience travelling along the German h'way, the drivers sure got the devil in them driving like that.

    Btw i had a two weeks seminar at the office of Hanover Re in Hanover some years back. Flew in thru Frankfurt and then took a local flight to Hanover and after the seminar took a coach ride with a few participants to Hamburg thru the (scary) Autonbahn and after a night stay in Hamburg i took a taxi to Frankfurt to fly back to KL. And i like that taxi ride it was in one 2seater Mercedes SLK at 4am to catch an early morning flight from Frankfurt, boy i love the machine. I had a good stay in Hanover, the food provided was superb and altho' i didn't have time to travel around but i remember visiting the museum in Hanover, saw the devastating effect of the war on Hanover and the rebuilding of the city and of course in Hamburg our German friends also took us to some nice night clubs in Hamburg just for a look see, which is actually quite as lively as those found in Kings Cross in Sydney. It was quite a scene.

  10. "damon"...
    The name is a brave impression.


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