Saturday, 1 May 2010

It has been 2 Years now...

It was a Wednesday, the 30'th of April 2008, the Day I last ate meat. :)

A day later, the 1'st of May, I woke up & had breakfast without any Süçük or other meaty food.

At first I thought, I might eat a bit of Poultry every 7 days. But when the 7'th day came I wasn't even interested in it and went straight for my Soya-Margarine, home-made bread with some cheese & lots of raw button mushrooms, as if I had always been an ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

And though I have always been very mindful of what I eat, after becoming a vegetarian I doubled my effort.
Did I know & love healthy food before, like...
peas, mung beans, shiitake, kale, broccoli, cashews, bulgur, yoğurt, chard, pistachios, aubergines, walnuts, Quark & common mushrooms.
Then now came the time to find more food to like & eat... and I am still searching for more to eat.
Food like Amaranth & Quinoa are next on my list.

Another added bonus is, that vegetables, nuts, & fruits taste different to me now.
As if my gustatory nerves had been rewritten... Tabula Rasa, so to speak.

Some food that I used to dislike as a kid, like Okra, Taro & Zucchini, taste ok or even great now.
My diet still sucks, but I hope I will be able to improve the eating habits in 'my' 3'rd year.

I guess, that's it for today! :D
The links are for those people who do not know the mentioned food & because I had nothing else to do right now.
And yes, I know grown men & women, which have never heard of Kale, Bulgur or Aubergines.


Asalways, some digital resources for you all. Download, use & credit! ;)

YourChoice pack 01
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


  1. Wow, I am impressed. I am not sure I could vegetarian, though I think I probably should. We only buy free-range meat, but it's still meat, you know? Thanks for the inspiration, proud of you!!

  2. Wow! That's quite a discipline! Nice to eat healthy.^^

  3. I once gave up eating meat, but my cousin, a biology teacher, warned me of protein loss and other health problems that a 'no meat' diet could cause so I went back to meat (turkey meat mainly).

    Now I'm about to start a weight loss diet based mainly on fish as main course, so no meat again.

    Anyway, I'm impressed by your willpower; two years of vegetarianism is quite a significant period. Good Luck in the third year!

  4. Good for you! I stopped eating meat after living in Australia. I think I ate to much of it. It's been a decade now. I highly recommend quinoa. It's high in protein and delicious! I still eat seafood - do you?

  5. @shari - Thank you! :) First, I thought, I couldn't be either. But here I am & no meat shall pass those lips of mine... ;)

    @Sashindoubutsu - Thankies! :D I can't complain...

  6. @DUTA - Yeah, it's not that easy to maintain a proper protein level when you're a vegetarian, but it is possible. :)
    I wish you good luck for your new diet though... a diet is always challenging!

    Thank you, my willpower made me also stop smoking & drinking alcohol separately overnight, I am proud of it. ;)

    @Pinecomp Camp - What is it with Australia, I wonder. :D I've seen people on tv who emigrated to Australia, there they got 'converted' to vegetarianism through their new neighbour next door.

    Ok, if I can find a store which sells Quinoa I will try it, I've heard a few times of it now & am quite curious!

    No, I do not eat seefood anymore.
    If it used to move once, it is not going on my plate. :D

  7. Hi,

    as I read your post, I also enjoyed the Wiki links thanks...

    Have you ever tried Italian olives with sesame crackers packed with fresh Italian Gorgonzola blue cheese???

    It is a great morning or evening snack...

    talk soon...


  8. i'm still the omnivorous kind, wish i can be like you, the herbivorous kind. That's what we used to tease some our friends who have turned vegetarian for health reasons or otherwise. I've seen in some Chinese vegetarian restaurants that they've animal shaped vegetarian food like the shape of chicken or other seafood like prawns or fish & squids. They tastes like chicken or other sea food although they are made wholly from veggy. I guess you must be very healthy with all those unlimited consumption of fibre. I just envy you my dear. Keep up with the good habit and may you continue to do so in the years to come. Even if you do come back for a little meat in future be sure to just stick to white meat like fish or chicken only instead of read meat.

  9. The natural meal.

    Nothing sums to be bothering meal...

    It is an ideal.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.

  10. Wow! Interesting!

    I love meat, fish, poultry vegetables and fruit, as long as it's whole and not processed. Most I eat fish as protein. I believe we are omnivorous, so we adapted to eating meat, but I just think we have eaten too much meat lately.

    Do you feel better on a vegetarian diet? That's the main thing.

  11. @Jesse - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the links, I had fun creating them. ;)
    No Gorgonzola blue cheese for me ever again, sorry. The taste makes me feel ill. :(
    But I'll try the olives with sesame cracker & Esrom? :D

    @theBluesman - thank you, dear! :) I try my best, though sometimes the smell of grilled chicken or helal/kosher Liverwurst makes me weep for the old times. ;)
    But I'm adamant on never eating anything living again. I hope I will go through with it!

  12. @ruma2008 - Right.. that's what I am aiming for, a natural & healthy diet. :D

    @Jo - Thank you! :)
    It is not so much an ethical question to me, if we should eat meat, but personally I had digesting problems with it, so I just stopped eating meat, poultry & fish and am feeling much better now.

    I never try to convince people, to go vegetarian or vegan, BUT I try to make people understand, that if we consume less eggs, meat, tuna and/or other animal-based products, we can force companies & suppliers to change their actions & habits, so to speak. ;)

  13. Very impressive! I should make the same effort with my diet.

  14. i want to try that too..although i love eating seafoods..hmmm... i don't know if i can discipline myself like that..hahaha anyways, you are great on restricting yourself..i envy you..waah i want to do that how? i can't avoid, i really want to lose weight.. i guess i need a lot of determination hehehe

  15. @Amy - Thankies! :d It is very freeing & can change your body a lot.

    @irish - Thank you. :) It is not that hard.
    But if you can not avoid meat all together, how about you become a Flexitarian. Google it or read the Info at Wikipedia about it. :D


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