Thursday, 6 May 2010

Un-unrelated Stories I - Blue Phase

It can happen at any time, I wake up and my favourite colour changes for the next few, months, years... it happens in irregular intervals! I can never *assess* it, the beginnings & the ends of those phases melt into each other. The longest Phases were my Royal Blue from 1995 - 1999 & my Chartreuse from 2003 - 2007. :)

My current Phase started at the end of Autumn 2007 and is Blue, I lean towards Medium Blue.

It all goes like this. In these phases, I tend to use & buy/collect clothes, footwear, accessoiries, shawls, handbags and/or jewellery in this colour. (Also those hues which are adjacent, or a nuance of that shade.)

Those Bordeaux-Red FILA trainers I bought in spring 2001, when I was in my bordeaux phase, I wore them as often as possible. When it was time to clean them up, I bought another pair of trainers from a no-name(as we call them here) Brand, which I wore while my FILA's were drying and/or in addition to more formal trousers, 'cause they were more slim & feminin, and changeât(like Taffeta, a timeless fevourite of mine).
I loved them!
From that time I still own a lot of brodeaux, changeât wallets, purses & handbags. :D And I still use them, though they do not appeal visually that much to me nowadays.

Just a few weeks ago I bought myself a Hobo Bag with a colour that is a mixture between midnight blue & midnight green. I guess it was also a compromise between my blue phase & the remainders of my chartreuse phase... as an 'homage' maybe? ;)

Eyeshadow, Mascara, main accents & even artistic outpours at that time are heavily influenced by which phase I am in.
At college, later at work & even privately people sometimes would notice & ask me about it, and i would feel weird & stupid about it, but I could & can not change this habit. :D
Has anybody of you a quirk like this? Or as I call them, moments of madness.
If yes, then to what extent? -I would really like to know.

I do not try to say, that other colours do not look good to me or that I do not respond to them. Or that I literally walk around monotonous.
Still, they are very dominant, even at those time, when I only use them as an accentuation to mainly black or grey clothes.


Oh how very fitting, for todays entry... blue resources & stocks. :D
Download, use & have fun!

by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART

YourChoice pack 02
by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


  1. These phases you describe are quite common and normal, Nokta.
    I had my light brown phase (to match the color of my hair), green phase (to match the color of my eyes), a yellow phase, a blue phase, a red phase.
    That was before I started to wear black to make myself look slimmer, and I kind of like this color: it's practical, it's distinguished, it goes well with everything. Of course, the accessories (hat, shoes, bag) have to be of same color.

  2. I'm in a blue phase with a touch of yellow thrown in. I know what you mean about these 'phases'. My phases are much shorter than yours....maybe I'm a bit more fickle!
    By the way, it really was a book about cats giving birth. My mom must have been more comfortable discussing cats than actual humans!
    have a good weekend!

  3. so you're now in the blue phase eh and it all comes matching all the way from top to bottom huh. Interesting! I wonder what happens to the old/previous colour stuff when you decides to change to the new colour scheme, fortunately for me i only have 2 main colours viz, blue & black

  4. I definitely go through color phases, too. I'm usually all about neutrals, can't resist a nice white sweater, khaki pants, etc. But I also love lime green and dark blue. And there are some colors, like pink, that are a pretty definite no-go all the time!

  5. @DUTA - If you put it like that, I can agree with you. :) Though in my case, it is sometimes like fanatism or more like an addiction, and can become very distracting. :D

    Green eyes? I like green eyes, my father has them, and I always wished for them or for grey eyes, unfortunately I go after my mother in that matter. :(

    @Pinecone Camp - Ah, you're in a blue phase, too? Gorgeous!
    Well, maybe they are shorter, because of more daily stimuliin that area. :)

    Lol, mothers can be so weird in their own endearing way.

  6. @theBluesman - Well, not everything that I wear from top to bottom is somekind of blue, but 50% of my everyday life is blue. :D

    I don't throw the old stuff away, I just don't use it so frequently, and some gets boxed up and into storage, 'til I have a phase with the same colour again. :D

    @shari - Yes neutrals! Khaki, beige or grey, and the usual black are timeless to me, too. :D
    Dark blue is a grand colour, it suits almost every skin & hair type.

    Though my name says something else, I am not so much for pink either. ;), Except for little things like socks or a small coin-purse.

  7. That was just plain funny! I do the same thing.

  8. Now that I think about it I guess I do, just with much less shopping involved.

  9. This week for me is blue.. even the rubber of my braces.^^

    Need a cool color to neutralize the scorching heat of the sun.

  10. Nokta,

    Did u even read my comment on Jo's blog on that religion related post????????

    Kindly read what i wrote.


    You did not even read my comment and wend on accusing me of non-sense.

  11. For your information , i am very well aware of the fact that u wrote in JO's blog on the religion related post.

    Maybe u should be really careful abt accusing people.

  12. i merely quoted a portion of Jo's writing which is given in the italics section.

    Honestly , i am SHOCKED AND SADDENED by your comment.

    Go and read what i wrote in the "Is Religion Necessary...?" post of Jo's blog.

  13. @Amy - Welcome to the Ckub of the 'weirdos' then! ;)

    @Captain D. - Hmm... might sound cliché, but maybe there is less shopping involved because you are a man. ;)

    @Sashindoubutsu - Even the rubbers on your braces? -That's taking it to the max! :D

  14. @Indian Pundit - Yes, I did read your comment!

    Accusing? -Show me the exact passage, where I was accusing you?
    Ok, maybe I was accusing you of doing some 4:20. :D (which is no biggie in my books)

    Same here, I am shocked of your eye-bleeding use of CAPITALS!

  15. "The so called "Holy War" , is against the occupation of Islamic lands( according to them) by westerners.....and also against many western-backed govt. in Islamic countries(according to their interpretations).
    Thats what the terrorist means by holy wars. Not against christians."

    Yeah i wrote that.

    Look , by the above comment, i meant the following to jo:

    1)This "Holy War" that Islamist claim is not against Christians.

    Also , telling somebody that u have a "simplistic" world view is not at all rude.

    I am consistently surprised by the "over-sensitivity" of many people..

    Also , plz enlighten me whats wrong with my above comment?????

    Lastly , as a true leftist , i love people no matter who they are or where they are from.

    Also , i consider BOTH invasion of countries like Iraq , Afganistan AND other acts of bombings in US, UK , India ,Turkey etc as acts of terrorism.Both.

    Just to let u know.

    Take care.

  16. My mood right now is leopard-pattern. I also just ate a gazelle.

  17. Nokta, I thought I was the only one who did that. I am going through a pink phase right now.

    Oh, gosh, I just read through your comments, and it looks as if I have started a "flame storm". *heh* Oh, dear...

    Back to the colors ... I am going through a pink phase right now, but my terrace garden is all landscaped in red geraniuns, so I may be swinging over to red. *heh*

  18. @ Indian Pundit - "over-sensitivity"???

    Look, I had a bad week, and today a very bad day, leave it be, goodbye & have a nice weekend.

  19. @calicolyst - Oh mine is leopard-pattern, too, though it is more of a melanistic, pink nature. ;)

    @Jo - No, you are not alone! ;) Though I am surprised, judging by your layout & some artworks there, i thought you were more into orange & golden hues.

    Nah, you did not. :) We are only human after all... so, little quarrels can happen sometimes.

  20. Yes.
    The life is continuation of an insane moment...

    Happy weekend.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.


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