Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Neighbour was rotting away and nobody cared.

On friday the 28'th of May 2010 I was sitting in mother's sitting-room, she was lazying on the couch because of the heat & her health problems, when my father came in from the door to the flat.

We both laughed when father stood in front of us a few seconds later & made gagging sounds.
He said.:"God damn it, I hate these stingy people! Why can't they just throw away the minced meat when it's gotten spoiled, NO, instead they fry & eat it!"

Remembering an incident that happened to our family in 1992, I said.:"Maybe their deep freezer 'died' or their electricity got cut while they are on a vacation, like it happened to us."

Mother argued that.:"You know how many times people in this apartment complex have cooked food that even a hungry pig wouldn't touch! Just go into the hallway at afternoon when some of them cook. 50% of it smells like it has already been eaten and such." She laughed again.

It was true... there are a few flats, whose doors you shouldn't cross on your way through the hallway. These women are only capable to work properly in the shopping, sex & drinking area.
I mean, it's not that hard to throw out money, spread your legs &- open your beer bottle... but foof? -That's almost Alchemy!<\sarcasmend>

Later my second oldest brother came over, he was going to go doing the bigger groceries with my mother for the weekend, while I did some vacuum-cleaning. Something that is hard to do while my Dragonbeloved Mother is around. :)

They had been on their way for barely 5 minutes, when my father had to answer the phone. After telling me to stop the vacuum, he gave me the phone handset.
It was my mother, telling me to not open the door to our flat, and that if someone of us was to leave, we should open & close the door as fast as possible. And get out of the hallways fast, too! She further told me to not be upset if the police would knock on the door.

She knows how much I dislike our police, I sometimes feel that they are the 'arm' of our 4'th Reich we're living in now, just that this times it is the muslims, turks & arabs who might be gassed instead of the jews, if they so much as peep! -And since our police is a bunch of fashists anway, I get weird whenever they are around me.
But they didn't come, instead I would hear kids screaming in the hallways, and men telling them loudly to clear the halls & go home.

A little over 2 hours later my mother & brother rang the door bell & father went downstairs to help them. I was cleared of duty, 'cause my hips & back already ached enough from cleaning up the place, yes... ;)

5 minutes later my mother banged on the door & told me to hurry. Me being someone who gets easily freaked out, 'ran' to the door and opened it, getting the full load thanks to the air draught the door created.
Holy motherf**king sh*te! :S I ushered my parents & sibling in, almost fainting then & there.

So, what had happened?
A neighbour, 60 years old & all on her own & lonely, living in this apartment complex had died a few weeks ago(we don't know how many, but judging by the smell, it was some time).
The turkish neighbour next door to her(and on the same floor) did smell something whenever she passed the door on her way out, and had had a phone call with the absentee landlords' his apartment-manager, who himself was on vacation at that time, and told her to wait a few weeks until he would be back.

But on that Friday the odour got foul enough that people could smell it all through the house. A women who had moved into the flat(on my parents floor) right above the (dead)neighbour's, had opened her window & caught a very bad whiff from the open window from underneath her.

She called the Manager, too, but when he told HER this time to wait until he would be back in a few days, she threatened him with the police & hung up the phone.

3 hours later the police had broken the door to the dead neighbour while another policeman sharply reprimanded the apartment-manager for not doing his dutry earlier! Oh, how sweet was it to watch the manager squirm under the police's harsh words. He's a wannabe, and even scares & intimidates the tenants when they call out for their rights & ask him to do his duty.
I swear, it was a jerk-fest for everyone here!

But now to what is troubling me out of this all. No one knows if she died of a neutral cause, or if she was ill. Or if she killed herself!
This woman has no living relatives, she was adopted by her parents, whom have been dead themselves for sometime now. She also has no exes & no kids of her own.
Father says, she was introverted & didn't like to go out too much. He would talk to her sometimes while going for a walk. And she would sometimes, in a moment of extreme sadnees, tell him that she did not see a reason to live anymore. (he only told us about this, he doesn't want people in the street to spin their stories out of it)
My mother is upset about it, too. Telling me, that if the germans weren't such cold & distant people, someone might have helped her. Whether she died out of an illness or suicide.
Both my parents are looking in the newspapers now(almost everyday) if anybody might write an article about the lady. But nothing has been written so far, as if she never had existed! :c

I don't know what to make out of this myself, it scares me how everyone asks anyone who comes out of this house now, if they knew the dead woman. How & why she died... such vultures!
In the past days & even now I catch sometimes a whiff of the dead woman, no matter where I am & it sickens me! I know it is an olfactory hallucination, but it feels so real!

And on top of that, whenever I think of her, I have an image in my head of rotten minced-meat in the shape of a gingerbread man. I know it's kind of morbid & macabre, but that's my shitty brain & its way of making fun of me. :(
I just hope she is doing better now, wherver she is.


P.S.: Thank you to all of you who crossed their fingers for me on the 2'n of June 2010! ❤ I did it!

Two different resources/stocks for you as always. Download, use & credit me, please! :)

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  1. Nokta,




    Is there any way to get the smell out of the building now? I can't believe that poor woman was left like that for so long, especially after everyone reported it.

    I haven't had a chance to visit any of my favorite bloggers in quite a while. What did you do? What was your achievement on June 2nd? I missed it...! So sorry...!

  2. Hi Nokta (I love your name),

    Unfortunately, sad events like this one in your post, occur often. Lonely people pass away without anyone noticing it, unless they're under some sort of supervision from the social welfare authorities of the city.

    It's weird that nothing about it appeared in he press.It's an event of public interest as people want to know how and why she died.
    May her soul rest in Peace!

  3. This is really a very sad story about an old lady who lived & was left alone to fend for herself. She must have died a lonely death. What a pity that nobody even cared. This kind of scenario can happen to anybody. Let's hope that life's may be a bit kinder to us all. The stench coming from a rotting human body can be terrible due to the diet that we are having. I( certainly feel very sad and i do hope that she's in peace right now. Thanks for sharing this story my dear.
    p.s. vacuuming? yr share of the household chores eh, how about cooking, any good recipes to share.

  4. OMG. That's a really sad and awful story. I wonder why it's not in the papers. I hope she rests in peace now.

  5. Hi, there

    Nice and great story you have shared here. I loved each word.

    Have a nice week-end!



  6. @Jo - Yeah, OYG! The smell is gone now and everyone is happy about it, as you can imagine.

    It's absolutely okay, I did my practical drivers-license test on that date & got it! :D
    Thank you for asking!

    @DUTA - Thank you... *blushes*

    What's most puzzling to me, is the fact the she seemed healthy. My parents say, she might have died of a broken heart. :(

  7. @theBluesman - Terrible right? :(
    I mean, no one cared about her!!!

    And how terrible it was, I felt like I might die from just breathing it in!

    P.S.: I love vacuuming it is so Zen, and since my mother is almost fully blind, I'll do it for her anyway. ;)
    I do not cook often but I'm actually much better at it then my cousin who is a few months older than me & married for sometime now... :D

    Also my cooking is quite experimental & abstract.

  8. @Sashindoubutsu - It really is & I still am disturbed about it all! :S

    Don't ask me, they just won't mention it in the paper, and I feel appalled on her behalf.

    @Dyeve - Oh dear, I believe the translator did a bad work on this entry... :(

    Thank you though... I hope you had a great weekend, too!

  9. That is so crazy! Wow, really sad. You never know, it makes me want to make sure I live around people when I'm old, how sad to die all alone! Tragic, hope you are feeling better about it all!

  10. That's such a sad story, Nokta. Poor woman.

  11. @shari - Me, too. :( I was never scared of it before, but this shook me up somehow!

    Thank you, yes I'm doing better now.

    @Pinecone Camp - Yes, yes it is! :(

  12. Minced meat gingerbread man? Why didn't I think of that?

  13. @Captain D. - Yeah, why not you? -Why did I think of it? D:

    I still feel sick, and still have this image in my head... :S


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