Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hopefully back from Hiatus & other stuff!

I do not want to lie to you, but I will... ;)
Nah, just kidding!

So I had lots of stuff to do in the past Months, also I lost my google-password, found it, lost it again... you know, I was just being me. :D

But do not fear my dear anonymous & not so anonymous Stalkers, potential-Killers, Friends. I did read almost all of your Blog-Posts in the past Months. I just did not comment, words failed me too often. So I just stalked you all, so to speak.
Sorry about that!!!

Here a few that really lifted my spirits, when I was feeling low. Or when I was overworked... :C
I love her Stories & the places she went to!
Places with Character

She has got such an interesting life. :D
Pinecone Camp

Call him Hans, Bluesman Hans.
Bluesman Hans

A man, his kids & the Supreme Leader.
Us & them

A Lady which I really enjoy!
A majority of 2

Art & other interesting stuff!
The Main Art Blog

For the Interiors fanatic & some great inspiration...

Inspirational as well as something for building Castles in the Air...
little blue deer
(Just to name a few.)
Thank you guys & hopefully I will be able to blog more again in the future. Also I will try to comment again! After all your blogs are so worth it!



  1. Hi,
    Good to hear from you! Thanks for reading my little blog and for warmly mentioning it in your post. Hope you'll soon resume blogging.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Aw, thank you so much.
    I had a little bit of time to read the mentioned blogs every now and then... yet I'm very sad that I could not comment in the past Months.
    If I am in a rush or don't feel relaxed enough, I have a hard time with writing the right words in a comment, so I do not do it at all.
    But now's everything back to normal I giuess.

    Also, a great weekend to you, too. :)

  3. Aw, thanks. And glad you're back. Sort of. I meant 'back' sort of, not sort of glad you're back... er... you get it.

  4. @Captain Dumbass - My pleasure! :D
    Thank you, I guess I do get it... sort of... ;)

  5. I have to say, I had wondered, and was always checking your blog. I'm happy you're back in action! Sometimes a person just needs to take a break.

  6. @Pinecone Camp - Yes, I really needed that, but thank you for being so understanding & for the kind words! :)

  7. welome back my dear and i've been "away" too, *hugs


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