Saturday, 28 May 2011

˙·٠•● Staffetta dell'amicizia ●•٠·˙

Hello to you all on this warm Saturday morning,

my Friend Jesse tagged me some time ago. This is one of the first few Blog Entries, since ending that huge Hiatus of mine.
Have fun...

So in respecting the passing of the friendship baton, we shall observe the following rules.:

a) Create a blog post, and please use the IMAGE of the relay friendship race...
b) In your post, answer the Eight questions...
c) Pass the baton of friendship to 10 bloggers, and link them in your post...

1. - too small when you were asked, what you wanted to do when you were big; What did you reply?
2. - What were your favorite cartoons?
3. - What were your favorite games?
4. - What year was your nicest birthday and why?
5. - What were the things you absolutely wanted to do, and not yet done?
6. - Which was your first love? sports? or what not?
7. - Which was your first musical idol?
8. - Which was the most' beautiful sought (and eventually received), Santa Claus, Jesus' Child, Saint Lucia, christmas gift?

And my logical answers to the previous Eight questions are.:
1. - An Interpreter & Translator.
2. - Tom & Jerry, Simpsons
3. - (On Computer, mainly C64 & Amiga) Maniac Mansion, Zac McKracken & Superfrog, (Traditionally) Beş Taş & Pişti.
4. - I never had a great B-Day Party... & honestly I can not remember one where everything was just Wow.
5. - Too private... I do not think, I can write this down, sorry. :/
6. - Ooh, at age 8 I was the fave Goalkeeper at Soccer in our Class. Also best Dodgeball player, I LOVED Dodgeball and always lasted until the end! :D
7. - Freddie Mercury!
8. - Our family does not observe these Festivities. But at age 4(?) I got my first Computer ever. The c64

I will pass along this tag to the following 9 bloggers, though you are not obliged to do them, since you might already have been tagged in the past with this.:
01. Places with Character
02. Pinecone Camp
03. A majority of Two
04. The Bluesman says...
05. Us and Them
06. Irishonbizz
07. dyeve
08. Shutter Happy
09. Ruminations from a Goat Farmer

Thank you for reading & being part of this.. & have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!



  1. What fun!

    1. - A lawyer.
    2. - Bugs Bunny and all the crowd.
    3. - Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders
    4. - When I was 27. All my friends threw a surprise party for me -- in the United States!
    5. - Go to Rome.
    6. - Ice skating, figure skating.
    7. - Too long ago to remember. *heh*
    8. - A pair of ice skates and a figure skating doll.

  2. @Jo - Ooh, thanks for being such a sport.

    Really beaufitul answers... I also love Bugs & Daffy.

  3. Hi there,

    I cannot believe you had a commodore!!!!!

    So did I.... :)


  4. I never had a Commodore, I was an Atari kid. These questions were worded kind of strangely, like they were translated from a different language or something. Then again, maybe its just me.

  5. @Jesse Mendez - We actually had 2 Commodores. My 2 brothers had the Commodore 128D. I so loved that one, but I got my Commodore 64, so I would not need to use theirs.
    Also they both taught me BASIC on that one... ahhh, those good old times. :D

    5 PRINT "Thank you for the Comment!";
    10 PRINT GOTO 5

    @Captain Dumbass - Atari, hm!? :D
    No, you are right about that!
    If I am not mistaken, the real meme/quiz was in italian, but someone before me translated it into english via an online translator.

  6.'s done

  7. The cake was delicious. A little gritty though.

  8. Hello.
    Sharing a moment of peace.
    It is a joy for all.

    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
    Have a good weekend...

    From Saga, Japan.

  9. Thank you, sweeti! I will pass it, soon.:)

    Have a great week-end! X


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