Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Türk Konsolosluğu & People!

Last friday I accompanied my mother to the Turkish Consulate. We already had been there 3.5 weeks earlier, and only had to come back to get her new ID.

It was weird...
I was the only one not looking Turkish.
I was the only one with light skin.
I was the only one with natural(and not coloured) medium golden brown hair. Not black or very dark brown.
I was taller than everyone there, except for 3 or 4 young men.
I was the only German.
I was the only one talking German.
And... I was the only one using proper High-Turkish, when I actually had to talk Turkish.

I felt so alien in this old building, surrounded by people who where just so not like me. Not only physical.
Also they just weren't what I would call turkish, most of all not their behaviour.
Turkish people are generally quite kind & forthcoming (if your father also is turkish, damnit!)... but these?

Disabled, pregnant or frail, old people? No one did care or consider.
Everyone just wanted to be the first at the counter. Pushing, nagging and cursing they would queue-jump at every and no opportunity.
Something that used to be unimaginable for a Turk.

Then some of them would demand the most impossible tasks from the officials working at the counters and where mad even hough they had only themselves to blame, that their wishes(or more like crazy demands) could not be met.

At our first visit weeks ago there was a guy, asking my mother to let him go first, he just had to ask a quick question. (which was obviously a lie)
My mother told him polite yet firmly, that she was blind and had had a long journey to the consulate, and considering her all around health she could not do that.
And he? -He answerd saucily, that it was noticable she had been living for a long time in Germany. After all she really had absorbed their shitty culture!
Ahm, WTF?

Only a few seconds later my mother closed her eyes, it was hot and she was not feeling that great all day anyway, and leaned on the metal divider (between the counters).
I was asking her if she was okay and that Bastard used the moment and swept past us, shoving the headscarf wearing woman at the counter rudely away, talking hastily to the female Civil-Servant... (Well, if this is the 'new' Turkish culture and way of life, then I prefer to behave German!)

...and she smoothly told him to leave, she could not help him anyway since he had to go another office(the building has no lift) 3 floors upstairs and that the specific clerk might not be there anyway on that day. (take that you old Camel-f*cker! nah sana...)
If my mother had not held me back, I would have introduced his Face to my Fist!

Like I said, both times at the Consulate were most terrible.
And both times I could feel a huge psychologic burden lift from my shoulders as soon as I left that dreadful scene.
The place was depressing to say the least.

Thank Goodness, we do not have to go there for another 10 years.

On an upside note... there was a young man who also wanted to renew his turkish ID... but he was ethnically Japanese... Kawaii ^_^

So, that's it for tonight.


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Friday, 17 June 2011

So I am Kreativ und kriege an Award!?

I have been awarded with this lovely Award by the friendly Tres Zapotes f.k.a. Jesse!
Thank you, dear!

Here are the 6 rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award which you will need to follow if you are chosen:
  • 01. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog
  • 02. Thank the person, whom awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
  • 03. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know/might find interesting
  • 04. Choose/Nominate 7 other bloggers for the award
  • 05. Link to them on your blog
  • 06. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award
Okay, let's try this one...

01. When I was 8 years old, I started to learn Moroccan Arabic, my 5'th language. It was the 1'st language that I did not really need to learn, but did anyway because of my BFF! Today I only know a few words. :(

02. I used to be in the school Choir for 11 years. Most of the time doing the 1'st solo voice.

03. I would be around 1,96 metres in height today, 6 ft 5.17 in. But after my first surgery some of the meds kind of had some side effects & now I am only around 1,74 metres today. (which some still find a bit too tall for a woman...) D:

04. I almost never watch TV, I detest most of what is shown in the Idiot Box.

05. I need my hot shower in the morning, never in the evening (I have to feel 'Fresh' when I go out). Also I never bathe, I hate that with a passion. It feels like your cooking in your own juices. *bleh*

06. I do have very frequent Déjà vu experiences. Sometimes they are so intense, it unsettles me.

07. There are a few Men in this World, that I have as my Muses (with one of them being my #1). I think of my Muse & listen to the right Music, AND BAM, I have the most gorgeous Ideas to work on.

Now on to those People, whom I would like to award with this...
I just went through some of your Blogs & noticed that a lot of you already have this Award.
That is why I will not Award anybody specific.
But if you read this & woudl love to partake, please feel free so and send me here the link to your very own Entry.

Now I am off to get me some comfort food, to chase away the awkwardness that befell me after telling people such weird things about myself.
I am very glad, we only have to tell 7... because I am so weird, I could fill more than a dozen DIN A4 format pages, even if I wrote in a very small size. *8D

Have a gorgeous Friday Night & a relaxing Weekend!

See you all in a few Days. *wheee*


Friday, 10 June 2011

A minor Case of 'OYG-LePänic'!?

Holy Sh*te! Slighty less than 4 Months until my next Birthday. According to the Calendar.

Normally I do not like it, whenever people enter a certain stage of life and tell you, that they have not done all the things they should have done in the stage of life, which they just left.
I rather find it ridiculous & childish to be honest. Most of them have done it all, and even more so than they should have.

However... when I looked into the mirror last Monday, after I had looked into said Calendar, I realised how much I had not done.
Now a few might think,... yeah sure, another one of 'those' chicks.
BUT... I can say in good conscience, that I really never had much in my life. It always was, still is & most likely will always be... boring. Uneventful!

I am nowhere near, in my life, where I should be at my age.
I did not accomplish the things, which I planned to. (the worst part of this is, that I did not want to achieve that much in the first. Only a few small things.)

Not to mention a few other things, which I won't mention since they are too personal.
The only things, which I can claim to have really done, is that I managed to do nothing of real substance.
Dodging a few important tasks in the past years.
(attaining)No tiny bit of personal growth.
Of not having gotten any serious life experience.
Never had any great achievements.

Also I could never learn from mistakes, because I have never made ​​serious ones. I was not allowed to even do any!

First 'they'(my close Family) did not allow me to do a thing on my own. Later I got over-cautious and became (extremely) paranoid to even go and make mistakes. (Something for which I should be grateful according to them, but am definitely NOT. Because I feel deprived of life experience!)
And what irks me the most? I was always held back from really living my own life, by each and everyone.
You know, like taking a deep breath... and to fully step knee-deep in to a huge piece of shit. All by myself! :)
To have fun, to be afraid of consequences. To learn which is good & which is not... et cetera... (sounds as if I was about to blame everyone else, which I am not. But it is the truth.)
I just do not feel comfortable with the idea that I have arrived at an age, where I do not really belong. (according to myself)
It is just too hard to accept for me, I guess. I feel like I am still an (very)early twentysomething.
*blergh* I do not like to tell so much of myself on the Internet, but I needed to write this down. I am feeling a little bit better, maybe now sleep will come more easily.
Also, I make myself sound as if I was 40+ or so... ah, I am such a wannabe Drama Queen!

Have a great Friday evening & Weekend you all.


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