Saturday, 9 July 2011

I am a Libra after all...

Today, 2 weeks ago, I got my right Nostril pierced.
I was thinking about it for over 14 years now, but could never bring myself to do it. Not because of the pain there would be, there was no real pain in the first.

First I was at Middle School and afraid I could be labeled by my Teachers.
Then came High School and I thought the same might happen, then College and so forth, and every time the same reasoning popped up in my head not to opt for a piercing in my face.

Also, I was most scared about finding and maintaining a job with jewellery like that.

You know, your boss is one of those ex-skanks who would do every guy since age 13 and have their tramp stamp since age 16, though it was illegal to get it at that age in the first, but God forbid if you have a tiny silver dot on the outside of your bloody Nostril.
Well, at least my first Boss was like that, she was such a Bigot!
The second was a tiny bit better, but nothing like that was acceptable for her either.
So, no piercing for you, Nokta!

Though I have 6 piercings in my earlobes (I would have been able to hide them with my long hair hanging over my ears if the need would ever arise) that was never a problem with anyone.
And Tattoos, only where no one can see them... but I am not going to digress too much, I promise.

After seeing for a few years now that young chicks, working as kindergarten teachers & doctor's assistants, have cheek piercings or even labret piercings... I thought to myself that since I was a Freelancer, I could have mine, too.
I mean, come on, what looks worse in your eyes, a piercing in the
nostril or in the cheek!?

Also for years my family(with one of my brother's now ex-GF being the biggest pain in the A*se) tried to keep my away from getting mine.

Though, to be honest, finding a good piercer was my real problem. I wanted someone who was good at what they do, around my age & female.

And now after searching almost 3 years I got the piercing, it looks gorgeous and I can barely wait for it to perfectly heal up, so that I can buy some great jewellery.

By the way, I am still waiting for the pain... and everyone kept telling me beforehand, including the piercer herself, that sneezing and blowing your nose would hurt like a bitch, which it both did not...
Either I am very tough or everyone else is a wuss!


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Another Big Red
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Joshua Tree
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  1. Hi there Miss Libra,


    Okay, I understood everything your points made clear. Except for the picture, where is the picture of your piercings?

    And the stereotype of the American Male?

    Well at least e-mail me a pic of the piercing...

    Well done


  2. I must confess I'm not much in favor of piercing. However, if it's something you want, you like, and you feel good about it, then, why not?
    Enjoy your new, right nostril piercing !

  3. @ Jesse - I have to get new batteries before shooting & posting a pic here.
    Ah, you know me and linking! ;)

    @DUTA - Exactly, we do not have to like something, but should be able to let people do whatever the heck they want to do with their bodies, right?
    Thank you, I really do like it. :D

  4. Congrats. We have a big East Indian population here so there are A LOT of woman with nose piercings. No biggie.

  5. @Captain D. - Thnx & ...such an open-minded bunch your are there! ;)
    Here it is even frowned upon, if you ARE wearing it because of your ethnicity or traditions.

  6. Are you going to show us your pretty nose piercing? I think they look beautiful...much better than a random area on the cheek. ;)

  7. Hi there I have an award and a tag for you, Click on this link when you have time to take your award


  8. @Pinecone Camp - Yeah, I guess as soon as I have the Bioflex piercing out & it's healled, I will! ;)

    Oh, yes! I am very open minded & love piercings, but the cheek piercings are weird in my opinion.

    @Jesse - Aw, thank you loads.

  9. Your sniffer, your choice. However, you are true about being labeled. Unfortunately - I label and not that my labels are bad or cause harm...but we all have our opinions.

  10. @Kimberly - Of course people do label you. You do, I do.
    But I think, I rather would have a punk work for me who really is good in their job, than someone looking prim & proper on the outside, who just can't do shit for the money I give them.
    I do not need a mediocre Zombie, I need a great Employee! ;)
    Thank you for your input, by the way.


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