Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Manipulating in early stages

I was wading through my computer, found this by accident & I thought, I should show you one of the first few retouch/manipulation images I did back in I-Dunno. (+4 Years minimum I would reckon)
You always need a few works as a portfolio... for example, something like the picture on the left.
(Click on the image, for a bigger view!)

The left is the before, and the right is after I had my grabby hands on it.
01. I lightend & changed her hair-colour for a tiny fraction, to make it more reddish.
02. Gave her two orange-red strands, just to see if I was able to make it look realistic.
03. Made her dress green.
04. 'Gave' her some proper lipstick.
05. Changed the eye-colour & the kajal line around her eyes to grey, with a slight blueish tint.
06. Applied a tiny bit more of the rouge, that was already there.
07. There was something more, but I can not remember it for the life of me. :S

Back to the before-after thingy up there, I just wanted to show you some of the stuff, people actually pay for. And while it might not seem something of a huge change, you wouldn't believe what some people feel weirded out about in their personal images.
A too big nose here, an unwanted eye-colour there.
You get the point.

My fave part, that I did on this Woman, are her eyes. I'm a sucker for grey & green eyes.
And while, today, I can see a few errors in this image, I really do like it none the less.

By the way, she's a model & that shot is taken from a stock-artist on DA, so there was no really need to retouch any zits or so.
Although, I did not remove those tiny, barely visible, wrinkles around the eye, before sharpening the pic(without using actual sharpening tools, looks too fake). Back then I did not know how vain people really could be... how innocent I was.

I hope you like this entry, I was going to upload an mouseover/rollover image, but just did not fiind an online uploader to my liking, sorry.
I so do love mouseovers/rollovers, it's like watching magic happening just by flying over that image with your cursor. *sighs*

I better stop here. See you next time.


Now to the, not really obligatory, resources/stocks from me to those of you who actually want them! Download, use & have fun! And Crediting = Love!
TgS-17 by ~PinkPanthress-Stock
White Pine by ~PinkPanthress-Stock

Monday, 1 August 2011

Are you going to eat that?

So, another new Month or Year starting on a Monday. Again.
And I will try my hands on losing those fugly kg's of excess weight. Again.
Well, I will try to, which does not mean I will actually succeed.

First Day in and I already want to rip everyone's head off. I get pissed easily if I can not eat & drink when I am hungry.

Not to mention the 'Sugary Problem' I will inevitably face in less than 3 Days.
You see, I have kind of constant low blood sugar, so I need to stuff my face on time or I will become the most dangerous Bomb around you. Ready to explode, without warning.
Hmm, ok... if I do like you, I will warn you. Though, through gritted teeth.

Wish me lots of Luck, my precious Stalkers.
I really need it. *smootch*

Oh, and if you read a News Article in the coming Days, somewhere around my whereabouts, about a 20-something woman chewing off her fingers while dieting... think of me. *stomach growl*


And here the resources & stocks. Download, use & please credit!

TgS-16 by ~PinkPanthress-Stock

SF - D by ~PinkPanthress-Stock

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