Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lo & behold... the year 2012!

I am lazy & in need of punishment, but how was I supposed to know?
Life's been a bitch, losing fat was harder than necessary 'cause of my f*cking hips & back etc... :(
Yeah, well. I'll really try to post more often & to actually not forget my password so I can comment on your entries while logged-in,... but I guess that's what every procrastinator says, "I will do this & that! I totes swear, man!" & you might be sick of it already in real Life, so I better shut up and move on to the next topic...
(BTW... I think, I can hear my Echo in here. It feels kinda deserted!? Oh look, some cliché Tumbleweed just crossed my way!)

New Year, new incentives?
My new Year resolutions are as follows... and I guess I'll actually want to go through with them.

01. Slim down at least 10 more kg's & 6% of fat in the coming 5 Months.
02. Blog more!?
03. Tackle the Shite around me & Declutter! (already started on that one last week)
04. Work on my Homepage.
05. Getting my arm inked!
06. Creating & starting on my "30-before-30" List.
07. Create a 2'nd Blog(plus a Tumblr?) about Food and/or Mugs/Bowls.
08. Do a major Backup & Digital Declutter on both my Notebook & my old Mac(Yes, it's almost 10 years old but still works fine)

What about yours?

Seems like my Car kicked the bucket last week, I havent's had it for more than 9.5 Months... :(
I feel used & unloved!

'Cause I feel like it today!

And last but not least...

Have a Happy New Year 2012!

And please be safe y'all, ja? ^_^

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