Thursday, 27 December 2012

One lovely Blogger Award

(I actually found the real Award image, so I use that one.)

The rules of this Award.:
01. Thank the person who nominated you and mention them with a link back to their blog.
02. Put the logo of the award on this post.
03. Share 7 possibly unknown things about yourself.
04. Nominate 15 bloggers.
05. Notify the nominees that you have done so. (might not happen, since I do not know if I have my internet back at that time.)

Thank you ver much, miha.ela!

01. Even though I can talk really fast, I always pronounce everything right. Still some people have a hard time understanding me because of the speed itself.

02. When I work on something important, I rather ask 100 stupid questions than doing 1 thing wrong.

03. I got my driving license very, very late in life, just 2,5 years ago... and I hate driving with a passion.

04. I am a procrastinator! There are a 100 things better to work on at that moment, than what I really should be doing. :(

05. I used to talk perfect british english. these days not so much... thanks to American, canadian & non-Native speakers. :D

06. I love to overuse Emoticons. I am so sorry, but can not stop doing it. Even analog with pen & paper I use them.

07. I am a pessimist. I try not to be, on a daily base, but this world makes it hard for me no to be.
There are a lot of blogs that I would like to nominate, but there is a limit and if yours is missing on this list... you can still do it anyway. Just add the link to your entry in a comment below so I can go and see it. :)
Maybe not all of you bloggers will want to add this award to your blogs, or already have done so in the past. I won't mind. But I will still do so, just so I can share the Links to your awesome Blogs.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Forced Hiatus

If you read this, then I still may not have my Internet back. I am trying to change my Internet service provider because of difficulities. (They do not keep up with the conditions but still want money, so I'll toss them out)

as said above

Until then I would like to highlight just a few of my 'old' Acquaintances here on Blogger.
People who are quite inspirational to me for some time and/or whose (online)-presence I value. ;)

Yuminess and beautiful photgraphs ahead ->; Janis N. @ Pinecone Camp

Informative posts and Travels -> DUTA @ Places with Character

The entertaining loveliness that is her -> Jo @ Majority of Two

 This and that, you can only enjoy her writng -> Indulge Thyself

Get inspired by well dosed post of fashion and interior design -> Shari @ LBD

Love to read from her -> But call me Betsy

You need to take a read here -> Once Upon a Time

Read him now, even though he is also on a Hiatus as it seems -> Richmond Zoo

Interior related posts, she might also be on a Hiatus -> Varnish

Also some shameless self pimping. -> A link to a fun post once a week!

Sorry, if I forgot to add anyone important. I am sure I somehow did. :/
But it's late while I write this scheduled post.

Let's hope I'll be back soon... and before 2012 ends. ;)


Monday, 3 December 2012

Nokta reads … 11/2012

Is it already December? -Time sure does fly.
One more Months to read away this Year.
Hmm... Books *om nom*

1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four) - George Orwell
I am still baffled. It was nothing & everything I expected!
I felt kind of depressed while reading it, there was this huge oppressing feeling of no Hope. And some of the government actions and; the day to day situations were earily similar to what we have experienced in the past 50 to 80 years, though in a more light and hidden note.
I would like to elaborate more on this, but first have to sort out my thoughts about certain things that made this book and its story the way it is.
Recommending this to everyone out there!!

Das Durchdrehen der Schraube (The Turn of the Screw) - Henry James
I was not happy about reading this so called Classic. The predominantly inner dialogues of the Governess and that criminal overuse of Commas, to make a sentence crap loads long, had me almost crawling up the Walls. Also, if English is not your first language or you are not on an alomost perfect level with it, skip this Book. It will be better for you.
If you would like to read it nonetheless, it is a legal, free Book at Gutenberg Project which you can Download at this Link.

The Willows - Algernon Blackwood
Oh, this was another one of those Classics. But where Mr. James epically failed, Mr. Blackwood succeedded. I was sitting in front of my computer and reading line after line with a jar full of Fingernails in my lap. So Good!
Also, I kept picturing the actor Christopher Heyerdahl as the character called "The Swede", because he was tall like the Actor, who coincidentally played a character who was called "The Swede" as well in a TV show last year. I love it when Fandoms collide! ;)
This also is a legal, free Book which you Download here via Gutenberg Project.

The Day After Tomorrow - Whitley Strieber
It was a nice read, and almost perfectly written one on one with the movie.
Like most of Emmerich's works, it was a little bit harsh done and the science does not really add up, but that does not count in this new Millenium, right?
Mini Spoiler... I am so glad the homeless Dude and his Dog made it. :3

Das Haus auf dem Hügel (The House on the Hill) - Judith Kelman
This was an unexpectly good read.
It was a Formula that would have been quite stale otherwise, but the Lady did a great job of giving me a good deal of suspense through out the Book.
I also liked the comic relief that were certain thoughts and words coming from her red haired protagonist... actually one of the many main characters, 'cause there really was not a line to draw between most of the characters' and their level of importance, imho.

 (obviously those two Classics are not in the Picture above, since they are e-books)

It might be, that in the first half of December I won't be able to get online, since we are trying to switch to a new Internet and Telephone provider, so I might not post new Entries or read your Blogs.
Until then, have a fabulous time!


EDIT - This is my 3'rd try at posting this Entry. Blogger seems to be buggy these Days. :(

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Treize jours plus tard.

(Tumblr Source)

Hi there!
Just wanted to make a quick update.

I hope you all had a great weekend so far.
The last 2 weeks were a bit hectic for me. Lots of work to do... some mild insomnia here, some new last minute Freelance Commishs to work on.
Then I had to go twice for the job interview. Once at the Library & once at the Principal of the School in which the Library is located.
AND I found out, that there are some yummy male Teachers my age. *nudge nudge*

As I said, a hectic yet very rewarding time.
Which does mean I had to postpone the new batch of Facebook Covers, that I was working on.
Sorry 'bout that. :D

I wish you all a great start into the new week!


New Stocks & Resources for Free! Download & have fun...
Also... Credit is Love! And sharing is caring! :)
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Monday, 5 November 2012

Nokta reads... 10/2012

It looks like I might become a 'hot' Librarian in the near future. ;)
(I want to apply for that as a second job, on the side, since my mornings tend to be so boring & of course because of the amount of extra income)
So please wish me luck on Wednesday, when I go to the job interview, all you Lovelies!

Bag of Bones - Stephen King
I already read this book circa 2 year ago in german. This time I took an english paperback Edition from our Library with me... and I have to say, it's just as good as it was the first time, if not better for the original language in which it is written really gives off the right vibe.
This is not just horror or supernatural, it's about loss & how one copes with the aftermath, plus some scary shite or it would not be from King, right!?
There where moments where I just wanted to reach into the damned page and give the poor guy a good clap on the back.

Im Morgengrauen ([Part 2 of 3] of Skeleton Crew) - Stephen King
I read a ¼ of this book (which means the biggest 1 of those 6 stories) around 2+ decades ago when I was small, and mostly had forgotten about it. The story was called 'the Mist', a great piece which has been made into a movie a few years ago.
After reading the other 5 stories of it, I feel like he should have cut out 2 of the shorter ones, 'Here There Be Tygers' & 'Morning Deliveries · Milkman 1'. They were meak & unneeded in this otherwise good book.
One more thing I know after reading many, many Books of his is that King really should only write short stories. They're his best!

Die siebte Nacht (La septième Nuit / The 7'th Night) - Alina Reyes
This was the tawdriest, poorest piece of Porn, which I have ever read. Everything veiled under the label of Art. Don't get me wrong, Porn is okay every now and then... but don't label it as sublte Erotica if it's cheap Smut. (I've read much better Fanfic Slash Stories)
Except for 6 to 7 pages, this was written very badly. I had the feeling as if the Author was on a constant bad trip while working on this.

Dshamilja (Джамиля [Djamilya]) - Chingiz Aitmatov (Чингиз Айтматов)
I wasn't very satisfied with the book, 'cause I had expected more of it. Still I had a good time reading it.
It pleased me though, whether one is Kyrgyz or Turk, that certain things were just kind of obvious to me. The terms & words were similar to the ones I was taught as a child, kinship as I know it is almost the same.
Being Turkic means, in the end everyone's from the same Proto-Tribe, you know?
Whether Man or Woman, from a small Town or big City, Azeri or East-Uyghur, give us an At or an Ok & Yay... und we learn in the shortest amount of Time what to do.
It's in our blood, even if you're only of mixed-race like me. :)

Der Fremde (L'étranger [The Stranger/The Outsider]) - Albert Camus
This book was one of the few bitter disappointments of the year. The main character was rather dull than lethargic. So a real dunce... which I am, too, since I did read this to the end. *bleh*
Not recommended for people with little free time!

Uhrwerk Orange (Clockwork Orange) - Anthony Burgess
Oh, Alex how I hate you, you little Perv.
If you had been my Son, I would have given you so many good beatings until you would not even have been able to think of using your britva on people or playing the In-out-in-out game with unwilling 10 year olds!
This Book was great & while people might have laughed at Burgess in 1962, there sure are more than just a few Alex's out there in our Western world in 2012!

Oh, one more thing. Anyone wants to recommend me a good Book?
I am in need of more variety, concerning my future to-read List. Thank you in advance.
Fave Genres are Horror, Gore, Magic Realism, Thriller & Science Fiction... to name a few.


P.S.: Welcome to my new Friendly Stalkers & thank you for the nice comments & your awesome blogs, which are most entertaining to me!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I ♥ Autumn TAG!!!

Frist of all... yes, dear Ladies & Gents, my Car went through the TÜV without a problem.
I am just as shocked as you are, if I may add.
Which means another 2 Years of polluting mother Nature! *yayz*

And second... I saw this tag @ Lydia's Blog and thought I should try it, too, since I really do love Autumn!
Now to my answers.:

1) Favourite Autumn Lip Colour
Prestige creamy matte lipstick crayon lp 27 sweet & CG shimmer slicks penny slick for eyes[I use it for my lips, too]
 (both bought in Belgium)
I use them almost daily.

2) Favourite Autumn Nail Colour
Actually two this Year. Astor fashion studio nail polish #138 & Maybelline Jade mini colorama #23 dark chocolate.

3) Favourite Autumn Beverage
Tea. Earl Grey, hot...

4) Favourite Autumn Candle
I don't use scented Candles, but rather Essential Oils or Incense Sticks. SandalwoodLitsea Cubeba(May Chang)

5) Favourite Autumn Scarf / Accessory
One of my alltime favourites. I have alot of those broad shawls/scars/pashminis, but this one is the one for Autumn.

6) Haunted House / Haunted Hayride or Haunted Corn Maze?
 Haunted House!

7) Favourite Halloween movies
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown & Practical Magic

8) Favourite Halloween Candy
None, since I don't do the trick or treating & am not that much of a fan of sweets. Sorry.

9) What are you dressing up as this Halloween?
We don't celebrate it in this Germanic Country. :/ But if, then I would either go as Gargamel or as Lucius Malfoy (That Cane)!

10) Favourite thing about Autumn?
There are more favourite things than one about Autumn, but where to start.
The colours of the leaves. The windy Nights that make it all the better to enjoy a Book, with only a small lamp on. The sound of the Rain. Everything becomes more homey. And it's the Season I was born in.
I stop here before I end up blabbering. ;)

If you do like, love or adore Autumn, I tag you.
You're a man but use lipstick? Yay, be part of this meme!
You're a woman who does not? Also good, no one's making you do this meme!


P.S.: But don't expect me to do this often, I like fashion & make up stuff every now & then, but I don't post about it, I rather like to read about it!

Picard needs an Earl Grey fix
Linus van Pelt against the Infidels
My guilty Pleasure

Luscious Lucius Malfoy

Monday, 22 October 2012

Haters Anonymous (they might call themselves)

The past week I learned 2 things from the internet... (funnily enough, both through a nice blog called brooklyn limestone)... but for now I will stick with the first thing.
The rest might be posted in a following entry, when I am able to comprehend why people actually this thing & after I am done with doing research on it!

Where was I? -Ach, ja. (Yes, I also know german, so let's keep any eye out for the future comment that I am an evil Nazi, too.)
As soon as you write a tiny sentence in a certain language, that someone associates with something bad, they are going to send you wannabe hate mail/comments.
Don't believe me? -See for yourself.
Just because I wrote 4 stupid -oops sorry, I mean simple- words in turkish on another one's blog.
Asking, if they liked İstanbul. (which was kinda rethoric, since she knows no Turkish I believe)
What the...? Seriously!
Do they, Anonymous, even know if I am turkish*² (whether fully or partially) or if I maybe google-translated it. Or my husband/SO/BF/partner did it for me.

I don't care if some turkish farmer mounted a greek's priced goat & got her knocked up with a Chimera. *³
Or maybe it was my turkish grandfather's fault, that your armenian dad threw your mommy out of the house when you were still a toddler. *coughs* size queen *coughs*

In other words... please do not shove your view on politics and/or religion down my throat.
Fashion, sure yes.
Eating meat or not... it's debatable, really.
Why no one did something earlier against the widespread deaths of matchsticks? -Hell, yeah! I am all for Lighters!

But Politics & Religion? It's unwanted & unneeded.
Except for the few time, if I ask you something related to them & am begging for an answer here on MY blog (ergo, my Rules).

I personally did not do a thing to you... & have nothing against you.
Well, except now I do, after all you thought it was totally gorgeous to write down a short BS message as Anonymous.
My Sun Sign might be kind Libra, but my Moon Sign is unforgiving Taurus!
And I was able to find out from where you are.

I hope you people get the message.
This is the only time I will talk about this kind of crap here, so save yourself some time & don't even write anything like that in the first.


P.S.: I wonder if the same person, did this to the other 2 posters mentioning relations to Turkey.
P.P.S.: Sorry, if this all reads a bit tangled. But I have very thin nerves & a hectic week only started today.

Oh, and btw... wish me luck, yes? -I need to get my car through the TÜV tomorrow. :)

*²=OK, I am partially turkish, but that is beside the point here.
*³= I don't have a thing against Greeks & Armenians... or any of the others I might or might not have killed 100 years ago.

Stocks & Resources to those of you who want them! Whether or not you are an Ottoman, Kurd or Georgian! :D
Download & have fun... Credit is Love! And sharing is caring! :)
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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nokta reads... 09/2012

I had a great weekend & officialy got a Year olderyounger, too.
But else there wasn't a lot to do except to read & relax.
And relax I did! With lots of great Books.
Here the ones I read in September. :)

Die Opiumfamilie (The Opium Family - 罂粟之家 - yīngsù zhī jiā [literally; Poppy's House]) - Su, Tong
Such an awesome read. I loved the common ways and crude talking. :D
In the end everyone got, what they did deserve. The only one that didn't was poor Liu Suzi, the daughter of the house. I can only recommend this.

Das Jagdgewehr (The hunting Gun - [猟銃 - Ryoju]) - Yasushi Inoue
I just... I had expected more from this "Booklet". Disappointing!
Thus, I could not with the best will in the world, give this more Stars. Even though it was easy and relaxing to read I have to add.

Kain (Cain) - José Saramago
Damnit, this Book was wicked! :D
I wish there were more great Volumes like that. I also asked myself a few times now, if Saramago has always written this splendid. (I do hope so!)
One problem I have with this book however, or it would have gotten all 10 Stars from me. The man knows no decent Point & Comma placement Rules (he could be my twin). For crying out loud!

Fahrenheit 451 (Fahrenheit 451) - Ray Bradbury
I once started reading this Book back then while I was in College, but had to give it back to our School Library before I was even a quarter through because of lack of time.
This Book should be read by everyone, most of all the "Big Brother" target audience and Justine Bieber/Lady Gaga/etc. fans.
In my opinion it is increasingly likely that our future is moving in this direction. If our governments do not bomb us into oblivion soon, and set the survivors back into the Stone Age(this time nuclear) first.

By the way, I took a look at my Photobucket Stats and saw that people seem to like the Facebook Covers quite a lot. I am thinking about a second post in 2 or 3 weeks.
So if you're interested in anything specific, tell me beforehand and soon. ;)


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Facebook Covers 001 (v 2.0)

Okay, the past few weekends I did play around, as much as you can if you only have a playground of 851x315 pixels.
And these are what came out of it.
Hopefully by next time I might actually have an idea, to include a vector or vexel in the batch.

Now right-click on the one you want to downloadand click on "Open Link in New Tab".
There you can download it.

01. Render
02. Manip
03. Render
04. Render and Manip
Now, I have just a few rules for you.
01. Do not redistribute them.
02. Do not claim as your work.
03. Give credit and/or link if asked.

Also, if you take one or more of these, make a commet and tell me whch one(s).
That way I will find out, what people like more.


P.S.: If you would be so extra kind and share this at any of your fave(s) social network(s), might give you lotsa mini karma-points.

P.P.S.: If you do not find what you like, tell me in the comments below and we will see next time.

Sorry for the double post, but something went wonky with the first version of this post.
Let's hope this time everything's fine.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Nokta reads... 08/2012

Hello dear Ladies & Gents, there are still slots open for the upcoming Facebook Cover Post.
If you would like to share an idea for what I should make, comment here or at this Post.

Schiffbruch mit Tiger (Life of Pi) - Yann Martel
Another on of these hyped Boooks, which I was trying to avoid reading for Years.
But boy was I wrong. I was all & nothing like I thought it would be. Very sad & very twisted ending!
Though one thing I hated about this Book was the way the main Protagonist, who was 'quite' religious, thought about  Agnostics & Atheists.
Along the lines, he'd rather like the Atheists... than the whole concept of Agnosticism at all.
What? You're a religious Nutjob, so you rather favour the non-religious Nutjobs instead of the peaceful Agnostics who do not care if there is or is not a God?

Von Mäusen Und Menschen (Of mice and men) - John Steinbeck
Oh Lennie! Oh, my poor Baby... *gives him a squishy hug*
This was such a perfect Book! It had me close to tears. All the while reading I kept thinking of Gary Sinise & John Malkovich when picturing George & Lennie.
I believe it is one of the few Books, where I liked their Movies as well. *sniff*

Thank you for reading & to everyone new here. I really appreciate your visit. ;)
And a great start into a new week.


Stocks & Resources! Download & have fun...
Credit is Love! And sharing is caring! :) 
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Monday, 10 September 2012

FB Cover & Banner Question, & other things.

Hello Lovelies.
Stuff has happened, ideas were born & new projects are in the making.

First I was lying in bed & trying to get better in a 'green way' (read, no antibiotics) for a few days(more like 1.5 weeks) since my last post.

Then an interesting proposal for a project fell into my lap.
Though I can not & won't talk about it until I know for sure(more like 110%) if I will be a part of it.

Between all of this I saw on 21. August that Facebook has forced their Timeline feature down our throat, whether we want to or not.

Now my question is (I already asked/crossposted that on my LJ), would anyone be interested in Free Facebook Covers or similar?
I have too much time on my hands on the weekends & the sheer boredom is killing me.

The image above, for example, is just one I am creating for someone who already asked me a few days ago, but I will do more in my free time.
2D, 3D, maybe even Vector. Textures & other stuff like that will be included.

What do you Ladies & Gents think? -Do you want one? -Or maybe you have an idea for one, even if you don't want a cover or banner yourself.

Please leave a comment here & tell me.


P.S.: And while you're at it, will you share this post on the net so others can see it, too.
Yes? -Thanks in advance.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Nokta reads... 07/2012

We had 39°C non stop the past few Days.
And let me tell you, I was stupid enough to go outside shopping in this heat.
-Anyone else out there, who felt like they were going to melt to death?

Eine kurze Geschichte der Zeit (A Brief History of Time) - Stephen Hawking
Nice to read. But there were a few pages which he should have left out, but I'm not the only reader to whom he has directed this book, right?
Quite okay.

Salammbô (Salambô) - Gustave Flaubert
Fight of the Carthaginians against the Barbarians & the Eaters of unclean Food(Les "Mangeurs-de-choses-immondes").
Love & hate. Superstition and what you have not.
There were moments where I adored Flaubert's love of rich & extensive descriptions, but even more moments in which I just found it annoying. :Ᵽ

Herrenhaus – Oper mit einem Prolog und drei Akten (Mannerhouse: A Play In A Prologue And Four Acts) - Thomas Wolfe
War, racism, delusions, and what else was considered good manners back in those days.
Reminded me a bit of "Gone With the Wind" and "North and South", which my mother used to watch when I was a child.
It was a good read, albeit too brief.
(the last one I did read via e-book, so no pic)

On a slightly other note, it seems like I did catch a cold, or at least a sore throat, in the middle of this heat wave. Must be the Ventilators in my Flat & the A/C's everywhere I go.
But I'm okay with it, I haven't had a cold or flu in over 18 Months. So I guess, this will be a brief thing.


Stocks & Resources to those of you who want them! Download & have fun...
Credit is Love! And sharing is caring! :)
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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Over a year...

Grapefruit & scrambled eggs with small smoked Tofu cubes.
(My breakfast this morning)

Today I looked at the calendar & realised, that I have been dieting for a full year and two weeks now. :)
And with success

Measurements (difference)
I 'lost'...
...6cm at the chest
...8cm at the waist
...9cm at the stomach
...6cm hips
...3cm upper arms
...2cm upper legs
...2cm calf
...and at a few other places that I won't mention here.

Sorry, but I just had to make this quick update to encourage myself a bit more to slim down further & gain more muscles. *wheee*

30 minutes of exercise a day(right after waking up)... 7 days a week... even when feeling unwell.
Half a grapefruit & 2 scrambled eggs afterwards.
1.5 litre of water minimum a day.
4 to 5 smaller meals.
Using my big dog as a barbell. (which he totally hates)

Okay, I am happy now & might be able to sleep.


Stocks & Resources from me to those of you who actually want them! Download, use, have fun... & credit is Love!
BLR-04 by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART
Hmm... I always wanted to have a holiday on another planet! :Đ

Monday, 6 August 2012

Whatever Ayşe wants...

My mother likes to go shopping in Venlo, Netherlands. Minimum once a Year.
So now that she went through surgery in spring this year & everything went well, she told me in no certain terms that this time it was my turn to come with her.

Knowing that I was ahead on my freelance comission list, I took a day off from my bosses(me, myself & I) & went with her.
Totally forgetting in the process that since she has to use crutches now, it will be me who has to carry all the shopping bags.
Now me being the intelligent pack mule that I am, I took a shopping trolley with me & two backpacks.

And at the end of the day, my Mother was happy.
(Father as well, since we brought him home his fave sweet from the Netherlands. No, not his wife... Vla!) :D

Here is Il Duce al-akbar Ayşe in front of the entry of Venlo's train station, before she commands me around the place. She's a third cousin-in-law six times removed of Asias Elton John. ;)
Notice the Limburg Museum far behind her. (ochre coloured building)

Supreme Leader gave me a 5 minute break, which I used to capture the Stadhuis (City hall [Renaissance]).
It was barely 11 o'clock in the late morning but DPD still managed to sneak into the picture. :S

After many stomach rumbling hours of shopping I persuaded her to get some Frietjes met Mayo *yum* at the newest (to me) Frieterie... which I paid for.

Later on I found the "Theater De Masspoort". Führer Ayşe said that if I was a good little boy Girl this time, next time she might conquer it for me.

Finally, aftter I was sweating profusely from carryıng around the heavy load, she was graceful enough to allow me, to invite her for the bestest ice-cream of the city.
Sorry, I was going to show the yumminess, too, but it was most splendiferous... and by the time I had thought of the camera only our bowls were left.
Da Paulo Ijs has the greatest Gelato to ever land on my tastebuds, but the people working there are so rude it's almost not funny anymore.

So, that was it.
I wish you a great start to the new week & if you ever have been to Venlo, or anywhere else in the Netherlands, tell me.
Also, I was going to snap more images, but I always had one eye thrown at my mother. :(


P.S.: Ooh, I forgot to show you my newest mug, which I bought there. Go here to take a look at the youngest member of my collection.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Walkthrough of sorts


Who wants some Absinthe Tea & Nori Pastry?
Just kidding.

I haven't done a Walkthrough in ages, neither here, nor on DA, LJ or any other place(where I used to do so).
Even though I won't really explain anything like in a Tutorial here.
But I love to do that & since they were always well received... eh... *shrugs*
So here it is.

I just wanted to do some abstract modeling. Playing like a child with some virtual modelling clay.

It's so gorgeous to see what you can create out of just one cube.

I love working with these Programmes.

Okay, that one(actually two) needs some nice Materials

The tiny blue Squares(called Buckets) in the rendering process show that I have a Dual Core.

Isn't this nifty?
Well, obviously this isn't a huge thing. It's just to make sure, my fingers won't "go stiff" & having a new Background. (The actual end rendering fits my Screen) :D

Ah, that was nice. No I'll be able to sleep.
Goodnight all you Lovelies.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nokta reads... 06/2012

Sh*te, I am done with my set Goal of Books to read this Year. :ȴ
Ah, well... whatever. On to the next ones.

Auferstehung (The Rising) - Brian Keene
Since I am a huge Fan of Zombies & all the other undead fictious Creatures, you can guess that I have watched & read almost every movie & book, respectively, that has ever been available to me.
This book would have been a lot better if it had not had such useless & ridiculous Zombies, like the one in the Aquarium(I won't spoil you further, so I won't specify this any more), and if this story would not have been so terribly religious at times.
I want horror, blood & dead people all over the place but not god, heaven, faith & stuff like that.
Such a disappointment.  :ᶑ

Stadt der Toten (City of the Dead) - Brian Keene
The same friend that recommended the first one to me, also recommended the 2'nd part of this to me.
So me, being as thick as a brick sometimes, I read this against my better judgement  & of course I got disappointed... again... as expected.
It was a tiny bit better than the first one, but that did not save this book from being crappy.
I do not know why I did this to me after the first part. Masochistic much? *meep*

Raststätte Mile 81 (Mile 81) - Stephen King
*sighs* Oy Uncle Stevie, what is your problem exactly with cars again?
I can not stand those things that much either... but with you it really borders on a Psychosis, when it comes to vehicles.
The main idea was nice & entertaining, but the rest was not my thing.
Felt quite a bit like a déjà-vu to me.

Zombie (Zombie) - Joyce Carol Oates
O'kay...!? This one was like a slap in the face.
I really liked it, yet I hate it so much. Hard to explain, so I won't even try, mind you.
Oates did a very great job here, even though I honestly wanted to throw it away after the first 20 pages.
But I did not! :
Ooh, ooh... AND despite the Title, this Book is not about Zombies of the Romero-Type or so, just though you should know.
(only one real Book to snap, 'cause the others I did read via a friends e-book thingy)

In other News, my mother wants to build a new shoe cabinet that will fit the tight space of her 2'nd hallway in my parents flat. I had the most gorgeous idea & already started to create a 3D model, when she told me in no certain words to f*ck off.
I totally flipped because, HEL-LO-HO!?... she has no intuition when it comes to self made furniture these past years. The last one she created with the help of my father & second eldest brother is a horrible & chunky Monster, which stands in the way when you go through the 1'st hallway, 'cause she mismeasured it.
I mean, the woman is 95% blind, for f*cks sake, why won't she listen to me? -It's not like I want to burn a Kur'an in front of her.
Sorry for the rant at the end... hey, that even rhymes? :D


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Friday, 13 July 2012

Car batteries & valuable Lessons

This week I learned 4 new things about cars.

I. If you ain't going to drive for longer than 2 weeks... only need to use a wrench, size 10 in my case, and loosen the negative(black) terminal form the car battery. Et voilà.
And if you're as lazy as me you will use a ratchet wrench/socket handle.
Also, don't forget to retighten it, before you want to drive again. Else your car won't work.

II. Had I known that earlier... car battery wouldn't have gotten exhausted to the point of no return.
Which means, I wouldn't have had to pay that guy from the Honda repair shop such a horendous price to put a new battery into my little baby.

III. Something that I...
..could have done myself actually.
It is so easy to change a car battery, that even a five year old could do it, if you held them high enough so they could actually a.) see what they do & b.) reach it so as to work.

IV. And if you don't... more than 25 km's per week, buying a car is utter idiocy.
'Cause no matter what, the batteries will die sooner or later again, because you won't be able to recharge them enough if you only drive a 'tiny bit' around.

That's all folks.

Have a nice weekend and look after your Cars.
No matter how old or ugly those poor Babes are.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nokta reads... 05/2012

My parents are going to celebrate their Birthdays in the coming days.
First Father and a few days later Mother.
Also I am thinking of taking a small hiatus from work, too, since it is summer.
This will give me even more time for books to read.

 Die Kunst des Krieges (The Art of War / Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ - 孫子兵法) - Sunzi
I liked this one, although I'm no a fan of war, since I am very well aware that you can use the described tactics & his wisdom in your business as well as day to day life situations.
And considering in which year this was written, makes the whole read even more interesting.
I am pleasantly surprised.

Wie ein einziger Tag (The Notebook) - Nicholas Sparks
Do not ask me why I did read this one.... I don't know myself.
I can not stand these chick-flick, sappy, crybaby stories... most of all, not when they are this cliché & boring. And yet I've read this book.
I really don't understand why I am always doing this to myself. I swear, next time I will do my best & try giving books such as this a wide berth. *bleh*

 In other news, my cupboards are full, no more new mugs for me to buy.
Well, I could buy more of them... but unless I want to pile mugs on the floor all around the flat I will have to stop. :(


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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ask your Doc, he'll make you sick.

Last wednesday, a weeke ago, we brought my mother back to the University Hospital.
There she has to stay in a low pressure room.

This past week they've been trying out every pill possible on her and testing her for so many diseases and it feels (not only to her) as if they were using her as a guinea pig.
Oh, by the way... the test outcomes are all ok.
No AIDS, Syphilis, TB or anything else. *yayz* <\sarcasmend>

I guess they just need her for their annual patients quota.
Not to mention, the money which my parents & their health insurance(?) pay them. :(

Every other day the doctors have another illness of doom that she might... probably have... right now... or not!?
They change their diagnosis as often as I change my underwear. *nudge nudge*

On top of it, this is all giving me a constant headache 'cause we still don't know what IS wrong with her.
And it's up to me, to be the odd-job man for my mother.

I hope you all have a much better Time.
If not, welcome to the Club.


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