Wednesday, 29 February 2012

That Cat ain't wearing a Kilt!

Ours family's cat Scott is 16 years old this June.
He's always been a fat & happy cat, but since last 'Caturday' he wouldn't eat nor drink until yesterday, he can not us his hind legs, his nose bleeds almost ever second day & he had a high fever from Sunday to Monday.
My mother is crying her eyes out. :(

Yesterday(Tuesday) we took him to the kind Lady Vet, who always does a gorgeous job & she took his temperature rectally(ouch), just as we had done the last 2 days(double ouch), took blood samples, gave him a shot of nerve stimulants or so, weighed him & listened to his heart & lungs.

Now we have to go back on Friday & she will take a new sample to send it to another Lab outside.

This is one of of those personal black Years of mine.
Everything that can go wrong, will just go wrong in those 12 months.
And thanks to this year, being a leap year, even 366 days!!

I'm a Dog person, but Scott was barely 4 weeks old when we got him the Summer of '96.
Our female dog Roxy back then wanted to hunt him (and who knows what else), so my Mother ordered me to take him with me into my bedroom for the first few weeks.

He would put his tiny head on my hand & sleep near me to get the warmth that his mother couldn't provide anymore. Sometimes he did sleep right on my neck, me almost suffocating... I just love this Sh*tbag, damnit!!!

And now he might be on the verge of death. I just can not comprehend this!

Just last week did he play with me & all was well, 4 week ago we where at the Vet for the annual Check up & he was doing okay, too, beside a light sneeze.

And then I had to force feed him until last night... & still have to carry him around because he can not walk, not even sit up for a few seconds!

My dog Lucky is totally nervous around him(which cannot be a good sign) & whines while he wags his tail. Scott won't hit him with his paws, like he used to, which confuses the dog even more.

Things is... my parents(and my 2 brothers) always treat their pets better than themself 6 any other human being, so Scott being a 'Stay-At-Home' Cat should be a minimum of 18 to 19 years before the time comes for him to row over the Jordan.

I just hope Friday will bring use some good news!

Have to go now & give him his mushy extra cat-food & some yoğurt, so good Night y'all & lots of kisses to you.


P.S.: A photo I took of him shortly after his 9'th Birthday! ❤
*tü tü tü* Nazar olmasın!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Her Zodiac = Her ilness...

...for those of us/you who are still slow today due to the past week & its lovey-dovey V-Day.
It's Cancer, that I'm talking of!

I do not know, what to make out of that. My mother is only in her mid-fifties. Always lived a healthy life-style.
She's religious & always did eat helal/kosher. Did always do what the Kur'an told her to do. (well, except for the headscraf wearing part & not to marry a heathen) :D
And that is what her God gives her... wow, what a fucking gorgeous present, Dude!

But what's puzzling me most is, her Doctor(General practitioner?) takes blood-samples from her every 3 Months & sends them to a lab because of her diabetes.
And only last December, when she stomped down her feet & told him that she had a bad feeling, and that he better look into it... did he find something.

And boy did he!
I mean honestly, what the Fuck?
Are you kidding me, you are a medical Doctor, and your Patient has to tell you that they have a 'weird' feeling, a hunch if you want to call it that, in order for you to finally move that crappy Ass of yours?

And the worst? I have 2 very big problems with this.

01. Being an pragmatic Agnostic, I can not find a way to vent off.
Also since I do not believe in god, why pray? -It won't help her or calm me.

Though I really do envy religious people at times, even though they know deep inside that their praying & pleading to their deities won't help, the feel like they did everything they could do within their power.

02. Then there is the strained relationship between me & my mother in general.
She did a lot of crap that changed my life for the negative & no amount of logical thinking, meditation and/or anything else can soften my heart.
Even though I sometimes wish it would, after all she is my mother. One half of me.

She didn't, and to be honest she still hasn't, really told me what is wrong with her.
I only know that she has 4 or 5 Metastases/Tumors. Two right under her heart & the rest somewhere in her midsection.
You know, she feels special(or more like a martyr) by not telling me the whole story...

*pfft* I just realised, that whenever I write something concerning my mother, it sounds 75% of the time as if I were a big ass!? :( I probably am...

I better stop here.
Oh yeah, and, the Year started so gorgeous... I really do not know who to thank for it. *sarcasm*


P.S.: Have a great Weekend... and make the most out of it...

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