Sunday, 8 April 2012

R.I.P. Scotty 1996-2012

(10 days before he died)

It has been a week since our cat Scott has died. Last Sunday.
When he started to spit and convulse my mother woke me, I was sleeping with on the huge couch in the living room, and we tried everything.
I even performed feline CPR on him. But he is gone, forever.

It hurt on monday, when I took him to the vet, so the knacker's yard can come and collect him.
They would cremate and "anonymously" spread his ashes the next day... and all that would only cost me 17€'s! 17!

It still hurt when I woke up tuesday, looked at my alarm-clock and saw that in less than 15 minutes they would put him into the furnace.

And now, a week later, it still does hurt when I spread the cream cheese on my bread, turn and around for him so as to share a teaspoon of cheese with him, like I always used to do... but he isn't there.

I've known this cat for more than half of my life.
He was our family's darling. A mellow, sweet-tempered and lovable big kitty.

He would miaow, whenever he wanted some of the newly bought minced-beef or just to get our attention in at all.
If he wanted some extra attention & affection or just cuddle with us, he would hop on our laps or lie down beside one of use.

And our oldest female cat Mowgli cries every night since Sunday.
She was a baby when we brought her home from the animal shelter and Scott instantly became her buddy, protector, and later her mate.
It's killing me when she mourns for him, wailing so heartbreakingly into the night.

You will be sorely missed.

(Fatso, before he lost some good amount of weight in 2008)

(Mowgli licking her Scott clean, and Painty 'lurking' in the upper right corner.
This must be before January 2008, when we found our cat Filz.)


  1. Hi darling,

    I am so sorry you are in pain, your words make me miss him too...

    love you,


    1. Thank you, dear.
      I feel as if I had lost a sibling or a child. The smallest things make me think of him.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss.

  4. Sorry about your loss and about the pain you're in. That's a very moving post!
    I believe Scotty's soul feels how much he's missed by you and his cat mate. May it rest in peace!

    1. Thank you, my friend.
      I was going to write a bit more but thinking of him is too painful right now.
      Thank you for your words, Duta. :)

  5. You certainly touched a nerve with this.

    1. Reading your comment it makes me wonder, and I guess... and I hope you did cope better.

      I'm sorry... I am still not over it.

      Thank you kindly for your comment.


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