Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ask your Doc, he'll make you sick.

Last wednesday, a weeke ago, we brought my mother back to the University Hospital.
There she has to stay in a low pressure room.

This past week they've been trying out every pill possible on her and testing her for so many diseases and it feels (not only to her) as if they were using her as a guinea pig.
Oh, by the way... the test outcomes are all ok.
No AIDS, Syphilis, TB or anything else. *yayz* <\sarcasmend>

I guess they just need her for their annual patients quota.
Not to mention, the money which my parents & their health insurance(?) pay them. :(

Every other day the doctors have another illness of doom that she might... probably have... right now... or not!?
They change their diagnosis as often as I change my underwear. *nudge nudge*

On top of it, this is all giving me a constant headache 'cause we still don't know what IS wrong with her.
And it's up to me, to be the odd-job man for my mother.

I hope you all have a much better Time.
If not, welcome to the Club.


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  1. Being for so long without the right diagnosis - that's terrible for your mother and family.
    Maybe you should look for a native english speaking doctor at the hospital. The best medicine manuals are in english and only a native could understand the nuances. (I'm saying this from personal experience).
    Good Luck!

    1. Thank goodness... after I got a bit testy with the Professor he made a new biobsy and they have found out what it is now.
      Also, she got back home last Friday. :)
      Now she just has to take a few different pills, daily, for the next 6 months & after that she will be healthy again.

      Thank you, Duta. I really appreciate it!!!


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