Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nokta reads... 06/2012

Sh*te, I am done with my set Goal of Books to read this Year. :ȴ
Ah, well... whatever. On to the next ones.

Auferstehung (The Rising) - Brian Keene
Since I am a huge Fan of Zombies & all the other undead fictious Creatures, you can guess that I have watched & read almost every movie & book, respectively, that has ever been available to me.
This book would have been a lot better if it had not had such useless & ridiculous Zombies, like the one in the Aquarium(I won't spoil you further, so I won't specify this any more), and if this story would not have been so terribly religious at times.
I want horror, blood & dead people all over the place but not god, heaven, faith & stuff like that.
Such a disappointment.  :ᶑ

Stadt der Toten (City of the Dead) - Brian Keene
The same friend that recommended the first one to me, also recommended the 2'nd part of this to me.
So me, being as thick as a brick sometimes, I read this against my better judgement  & of course I got disappointed... again... as expected.
It was a tiny bit better than the first one, but that did not save this book from being crappy.
I do not know why I did this to me after the first part. Masochistic much? *meep*

Raststätte Mile 81 (Mile 81) - Stephen King
*sighs* Oy Uncle Stevie, what is your problem exactly with cars again?
I can not stand those things that much either... but with you it really borders on a Psychosis, when it comes to vehicles.
The main idea was nice & entertaining, but the rest was not my thing.
Felt quite a bit like a déjà-vu to me.

Zombie (Zombie) - Joyce Carol Oates
O'kay...!? This one was like a slap in the face.
I really liked it, yet I hate it so much. Hard to explain, so I won't even try, mind you.
Oates did a very great job here, even though I honestly wanted to throw it away after the first 20 pages.
But I did not! :
Ooh, ooh... AND despite the Title, this Book is not about Zombies of the Romero-Type or so, just though you should know.
(only one real Book to snap, 'cause the others I did read via a friends e-book thingy)

In other News, my mother wants to build a new shoe cabinet that will fit the tight space of her 2'nd hallway in my parents flat. I had the most gorgeous idea & already started to create a 3D model, when she told me in no certain words to f*ck off.
I totally flipped because, HEL-LO-HO!?... she has no intuition when it comes to self made furniture these past years. The last one she created with the help of my father & second eldest brother is a horrible & chunky Monster, which stands in the way when you go through the 1'st hallway, 'cause she mismeasured it.
I mean, the woman is 95% blind, for f*cks sake, why won't she listen to me? -It's not like I want to burn a Kur'an in front of her.
Sorry for the rant at the end... hey, that even rhymes? :D


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  1. 'rant' - 'end' , yes the two words do rhyme.
    Just take it easy,Nokta, with books, with your mother, with furniture. No good comes out from getting irritated.
    It's summer, take a trip in nature and enjoy yourself! You deserve it.

    1. Right, I'll just meditate a bit & hope my mum won't mismeasure again. :)

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi! I am a new follower.
    My husband loves zombies in books, films, everything.
    He likes Steven King too.
    I hope you check my blog.


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