Monday, 30 July 2012

Walkthrough of sorts


Who wants some Absinthe Tea & Nori Pastry?
Just kidding.

I haven't done a Walkthrough in ages, neither here, nor on DA, LJ or any other place(where I used to do so).
Even though I won't really explain anything like in a Tutorial here.
But I love to do that & since they were always well received... eh... *shrugs*
So here it is.

I just wanted to do some abstract modeling. Playing like a child with some virtual modelling clay.

It's so gorgeous to see what you can create out of just one cube.

I love working with these Programmes.

Okay, that one(actually two) needs some nice Materials

The tiny blue Squares(called Buckets) in the rendering process show that I have a Dual Core.

Isn't this nifty?
Well, obviously this isn't a huge thing. It's just to make sure, my fingers won't "go stiff" & having a new Background. (The actual end rendering fits my Screen) :D

Ah, that was nice. No I'll be able to sleep.
Goodnight all you Lovelies.



  1. Nice! Very good method indeed of excercising the fingers!

    1. Thank you very much, dear! :)
      I love doing to 2D & 3D.


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