Monday, 20 August 2012

Nokta reads... 07/2012

We had 39°C non stop the past few Days.
And let me tell you, I was stupid enough to go outside shopping in this heat.
-Anyone else out there, who felt like they were going to melt to death?

Eine kurze Geschichte der Zeit (A Brief History of Time) - Stephen Hawking
Nice to read. But there were a few pages which he should have left out, but I'm not the only reader to whom he has directed this book, right?
Quite okay.

Salammbô (Salambô) - Gustave Flaubert
Fight of the Carthaginians against the Barbarians & the Eaters of unclean Food(Les "Mangeurs-de-choses-immondes").
Love & hate. Superstition and what you have not.
There were moments where I adored Flaubert's love of rich & extensive descriptions, but even more moments in which I just found it annoying. :Ᵽ

Herrenhaus – Oper mit einem Prolog und drei Akten (Mannerhouse: A Play In A Prologue And Four Acts) - Thomas Wolfe
War, racism, delusions, and what else was considered good manners back in those days.
Reminded me a bit of "Gone With the Wind" and "North and South", which my mother used to watch when I was a child.
It was a good read, albeit too brief.
(the last one I did read via e-book, so no pic)

On a slightly other note, it seems like I did catch a cold, or at least a sore throat, in the middle of this heat wave. Must be the Ventilators in my Flat & the A/C's everywhere I go.
But I'm okay with it, I haven't had a cold or flu in over 18 Months. So I guess, this will be a brief thing.


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  2. Nice blog! (;
    I followed u, I hope that u follow back. xx

    Love, Jackffy

  3. The one by Flaubert sounds really interesting! You've got such a lovely blog, I was wondering if you would like to follow each other?

    Let me know :)

    Kisses, Mary

    1. Salammbô? -Yes, it was a good read.

      Follow? Sure, why not? I'll hop over right now & take a look at your blog. ;)

  4. Great blog ;) Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    Keep in touch.


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