Thursday, 16 August 2012

Over a year...

Grapefruit & scrambled eggs with small smoked Tofu cubes.
(My breakfast this morning)

Today I looked at the calendar & realised, that I have been dieting for a full year and two weeks now. :)
And with success

Measurements (difference)
I 'lost'...
...6cm at the chest
...8cm at the waist
...9cm at the stomach
...6cm hips
...3cm upper arms
...2cm upper legs
...2cm calf
...and at a few other places that I won't mention here.

Sorry, but I just had to make this quick update to encourage myself a bit more to slim down further & gain more muscles. *wheee*

30 minutes of exercise a day(right after waking up)... 7 days a week... even when feeling unwell.
Half a grapefruit & 2 scrambled eggs afterwards.
1.5 litre of water minimum a day.
4 to 5 smaller meals.
Using my big dog as a barbell. (which he totally hates)

Okay, I am happy now & might be able to sleep.


Stocks & Resources from me to those of you who actually want them! Download, use, have fun... & credit is Love!
BLR-04 by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART
Hmm... I always wanted to have a holiday on another planet! :Đ

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