Monday, 6 August 2012

Whatever Ayşe wants...

My mother likes to go shopping in Venlo, Netherlands. Minimum once a Year.
So now that she went through surgery in spring this year & everything went well, she told me in no certain terms that this time it was my turn to come with her.

Knowing that I was ahead on my freelance comission list, I took a day off from my bosses(me, myself & I) & went with her.
Totally forgetting in the process that since she has to use crutches now, it will be me who has to carry all the shopping bags.
Now me being the intelligent pack mule that I am, I took a shopping trolley with me & two backpacks.

And at the end of the day, my Mother was happy.
(Father as well, since we brought him home his fave sweet from the Netherlands. No, not his wife... Vla!) :D

Here is Il Duce al-akbar Ayşe in front of the entry of Venlo's train station, before she commands me around the place. She's a third cousin-in-law six times removed of Asias Elton John. ;)
Notice the Limburg Museum far behind her. (ochre coloured building)

Supreme Leader gave me a 5 minute break, which I used to capture the Stadhuis (City hall [Renaissance]).
It was barely 11 o'clock in the late morning but DPD still managed to sneak into the picture. :S

After many stomach rumbling hours of shopping I persuaded her to get some Frietjes met Mayo *yum* at the newest (to me) Frieterie... which I paid for.

Later on I found the "Theater De Masspoort". Führer Ayşe said that if I was a good little boy Girl this time, next time she might conquer it for me.

Finally, aftter I was sweating profusely from carryıng around the heavy load, she was graceful enough to allow me, to invite her for the bestest ice-cream of the city.
Sorry, I was going to show the yumminess, too, but it was most splendiferous... and by the time I had thought of the camera only our bowls were left.
Da Paulo Ijs has the greatest Gelato to ever land on my tastebuds, but the people working there are so rude it's almost not funny anymore.

So, that was it.
I wish you a great start to the new week & if you ever have been to Venlo, or anywhere else in the Netherlands, tell me.
Also, I was going to snap more images, but I always had one eye thrown at my mother. :(


P.S.: Ooh, I forgot to show you my newest mug, which I bought there. Go here to take a look at the youngest member of my collection.


  1. Ha, this is awesome. You're a good writer, very funny and descriptive.

    Also, such beautiful buildings, I wish I lived in a place like that. :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, dear.
      That's one of the nicest comments I got in a long time. ^_^

      I know what you mean, the city hall with its renaissance style is so perfect in real life.
      I wanted to photograph the old churches, too. But as I said, I was always watching my mom. :(

  2. Shopping with mother - that's always an Event.
    Your mother, Ayshe, looks lovely, and the 'frietjes' on the plate look yummy!
    What's important is that at the end of the shopping trip, everyone was happy.

    1. Thank you kindly! It really is, most of all after this bad year for her. It was kind of refreshing to say the least.
      I can only say, Yes... to both. :D
      And yes, you are quite right, it made us all happy. Though I might have exaggerated her 'bossiness' a bit in this post. ;)

  3. Hello, PinkPanthress.

      Awe inspiring your works...

      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I am honored to your visit.

      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

    1. ^_^ Ah, ruma.. thank you for your sweet comment!

  4. omg I absolutely love you blog :))
    would you like to follow each other maybe?

    xx BBella


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