Monday, 10 September 2012

FB Cover & Banner Question, & other things.

Hello Lovelies.
Stuff has happened, ideas were born & new projects are in the making.

First I was lying in bed & trying to get better in a 'green way' (read, no antibiotics) for a few days(more like 1.5 weeks) since my last post.

Then an interesting proposal for a project fell into my lap.
Though I can not & won't talk about it until I know for sure(more like 110%) if I will be a part of it.

Between all of this I saw on 21. August that Facebook has forced their Timeline feature down our throat, whether we want to or not.

Now my question is (I already asked/crossposted that on my LJ), would anyone be interested in Free Facebook Covers or similar?
I have too much time on my hands on the weekends & the sheer boredom is killing me.

The image above, for example, is just one I am creating for someone who already asked me a few days ago, but I will do more in my free time.
2D, 3D, maybe even Vector. Textures & other stuff like that will be included.

What do you Ladies & Gents think? -Do you want one? -Or maybe you have an idea for one, even if you don't want a cover or banner yourself.

Please leave a comment here & tell me.


P.S.: And while you're at it, will you share this post on the net so others can see it, too.
Yes? -Thanks in advance.


  1. Yes, good idea. :)

    Btw, I'm Nicolettenexxt from LJ, I got rid of my old account on here and made a new one.

    1. Hey, thank you for the comment & for informing me.. I am off to follow your new account then.

  2. Hi lovely blog, keep it up! I'm your newest follower, hope you can follow me too :)

    xx Olivia

    1. Oh, hallo & thank you! :)

      And thank you for the follow, too.

  3. That's a great idea! You also share your talent to others at the same time.

    By the way, I am the previous owner of the blog Snapping Panda. I saw it on your right panel. It is no longer being maintained by me as the email I used to register it was flooded with spam messages. My used-to-be-blog Snapping Panda was also flooded with spam on the comments section and so I was forced to delete it, only to know now that the URL is being used by another whom I do not know.

    1. Aw, thank you. I try to share my love for 2D & 3D art as much as possible.

      Oups, I just saw it now... that sooo is not the blog I last visited while you maintained it. :)
      I'll replace that exact slot with your new blog a.s.a.p.!

      Have a great Weekend.

      P.S.: Argh, I so hate spammers!

  4. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

    1. Thank you, I am humbled by your words.
      I'll read a bit through your blog now.

      Me, I am from western Central-Europe. :D

  5. Hey! I'm very happy you liked my blog! Hope you'll check out the new posts!

  6. I'm really interested in knowing about your new project!!! Hope it goes through! :)

    xx Olivia

    1. Well, my "Partner in Crime" & I are very secretive about it, so it will take more time before I can say anything about it.
      But I am excited none the less, the more work I put into it.

      Thank you for the wishes, let's keep our fingers crossed. ;)

  7. very nice blog :)
    would you follow each other?

    1. Thank you so much.
      I'll just hop over to your blog & take a look, shall I!? :D

  8. thank you for commenting on my blog, you're so sweet :)

    xx BBella


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