Monday, 24 September 2012

Nokta reads... 08/2012

Hello dear Ladies & Gents, there are still slots open for the upcoming Facebook Cover Post.
If you would like to share an idea for what I should make, comment here or at this Post.

Schiffbruch mit Tiger (Life of Pi) - Yann Martel
Another on of these hyped Boooks, which I was trying to avoid reading for Years.
But boy was I wrong. I was all & nothing like I thought it would be. Very sad & very twisted ending!
Though one thing I hated about this Book was the way the main Protagonist, who was 'quite' religious, thought about  Agnostics & Atheists.
Along the lines, he'd rather like the Atheists... than the whole concept of Agnosticism at all.
What? You're a religious Nutjob, so you rather favour the non-religious Nutjobs instead of the peaceful Agnostics who do not care if there is or is not a God?

Von Mäusen Und Menschen (Of mice and men) - John Steinbeck
Oh Lennie! Oh, my poor Baby... *gives him a squishy hug*
This was such a perfect Book! It had me close to tears. All the while reading I kept thinking of Gary Sinise & John Malkovich when picturing George & Lennie.
I believe it is one of the few Books, where I liked their Movies as well. *sniff*

Thank you for reading & to everyone new here. I really appreciate your visit. ;)
And a great start into a new week.


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  1. You're right about "Of Mice and Men" - both the book and the movie. It's a classic.

    (Thanks for your kind comment on my site wondering about my absence in Google reader. Well, I was away from home, and now I'm back but very busy with things. I hope however to find the time to read your blog which is one of my favorites. Hugs).

    1. DUTA!!! :)

      I am so glad to know you are okay. I am easily scared that people are just 'gone'. You can never know these days.
      I kept waiting to read something new from you, but it didn't happen, you know!? :(
      Great to hear from you, and thank you for the compliment, you are such a dear! *hugs*

      About "Of Mice and Men". A classic indeed!
      I am happy to know that we think alike concerning this topic.

  2. I love reading books and I do like the classics. I remember a Reader's Digest condensed edition of classic stories I bought for a really good price at a book thrift store.

    1. Welcome to the club, Books are AWESOME! *nerdy grin*

      Yes, most of the time it is the classics that make reading a great experience.

  3. Oh how I need to make more time to read... I use to read so much more than I do. I love your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog over a month ago. What do you think about following each other?

    Much love,

    1. Argh, sorry for the late reply, but I am having a hectic time. :)

      I know, right? So many books, but so little time!
      You are most welcome, I really liked your blog, but somehow I didn't find the GFC button back then & later forgot to ask. :/


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