Monday, 22 October 2012

Haters Anonymous (they might call themselves)

The past week I learned 2 things from the internet... (funnily enough, both through a nice blog called brooklyn limestone)... but for now I will stick with the first thing.
The rest might be posted in a following entry, when I am able to comprehend why people actually this thing & after I am done with doing research on it!

Where was I? -Ach, ja. (Yes, I also know german, so let's keep any eye out for the future comment that I am an evil Nazi, too.)
As soon as you write a tiny sentence in a certain language, that someone associates with something bad, they are going to send you wannabe hate mail/comments.
Don't believe me? -See for yourself.
Just because I wrote 4 stupid -oops sorry, I mean simple- words in turkish on another one's blog.
Asking, if they liked İstanbul. (which was kinda rethoric, since she knows no Turkish I believe)
What the...? Seriously!
Do they, Anonymous, even know if I am turkish*² (whether fully or partially) or if I maybe google-translated it. Or my husband/SO/BF/partner did it for me.

I don't care if some turkish farmer mounted a greek's priced goat & got her knocked up with a Chimera. *³
Or maybe it was my turkish grandfather's fault, that your armenian dad threw your mommy out of the house when you were still a toddler. *coughs* size queen *coughs*

In other words... please do not shove your view on politics and/or religion down my throat.
Fashion, sure yes.
Eating meat or not... it's debatable, really.
Why no one did something earlier against the widespread deaths of matchsticks? -Hell, yeah! I am all for Lighters!

But Politics & Religion? It's unwanted & unneeded.
Except for the few time, if I ask you something related to them & am begging for an answer here on MY blog (ergo, my Rules).

I personally did not do a thing to you... & have nothing against you.
Well, except now I do, after all you thought it was totally gorgeous to write down a short BS message as Anonymous.
My Sun Sign might be kind Libra, but my Moon Sign is unforgiving Taurus!
And I was able to find out from where you are.

I hope you people get the message.
This is the only time I will talk about this kind of crap here, so save yourself some time & don't even write anything like that in the first.


P.S.: I wonder if the same person, did this to the other 2 posters mentioning relations to Turkey.
P.P.S.: Sorry, if this all reads a bit tangled. But I have very thin nerves & a hectic week only started today.

Oh, and btw... wish me luck, yes? -I need to get my car through the TÜV tomorrow. :)

*²=OK, I am partially turkish, but that is beside the point here.
*³= I don't have a thing against Greeks & Armenians... or any of the others I might or might not have killed 100 years ago.

Stocks & Resources to those of you who want them! Whether or not you are an Ottoman, Kurd or Georgian! :D
Download & have fun... Credit is Love! And sharing is caring! :)
BLR-05 by ~PinkPanthress-Stock on deviantART


  1. I love it when people make rude comments and then hide behind anonymity....

    1. I know right? It's annyoing.
      Be honest, be a true (wo)man & don't hide behind the Internet. :/

  2. That anonymous somebody has no right to judge and generalize.

    1. I agree, we don't know each other and they don't know my political mindset.
      Tahnk you! :)

  3. Haters are gonna Hate!

    Great Post! I was accused of stealing a post idea... HA HA HA made me laugh because I posted about a movie I liked. As if only one person could post on an idea.

    Much Love,

    1. Yeah, I think thst's their preferred motto!

      Aw, thnx! I first thought, I was being a drama queen while writing this entry.
      What? *lulz* People are getting weirder by the day... but if they really believe this crap, let them. You just post what you like.

  4. You should be proud that Turkey and Germany are part of your life. These are two great nations;
    it's some of their leaders and politicians that made some terrible moves in the past, and as it happens, memories of those moves still linger on.
    Anyway, anonymous' comment has no place in your blog or in any other's blog.

    1. Exacxtamundo, dear.
      I really dislike the idea, that people think of me or any other person as bad just because one of their Politicians did wrong. :/

      Thank you!

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