Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nokta reads... 09/2012

I had a great weekend & officialy got a Year olderyounger, too.
But else there wasn't a lot to do except to read & relax.
And relax I did! With lots of great Books.
Here the ones I read in September. :)

Die Opiumfamilie (The Opium Family - 罂粟之家 - yīngsù zhī jiā [literally; Poppy's House]) - Su, Tong
Such an awesome read. I loved the common ways and crude talking. :D
In the end everyone got, what they did deserve. The only one that didn't was poor Liu Suzi, the daughter of the house. I can only recommend this.

Das Jagdgewehr (The hunting Gun - [猟銃 - Ryoju]) - Yasushi Inoue
I just... I had expected more from this "Booklet". Disappointing!
Thus, I could not with the best will in the world, give this more Stars. Even though it was easy and relaxing to read I have to add.

Kain (Cain) - José Saramago
Damnit, this Book was wicked! :D
I wish there were more great Volumes like that. I also asked myself a few times now, if Saramago has always written this splendid. (I do hope so!)
One problem I have with this book however, or it would have gotten all 10 Stars from me. The man knows no decent Point & Comma placement Rules (he could be my twin). For crying out loud!

Fahrenheit 451 (Fahrenheit 451) - Ray Bradbury
I once started reading this Book back then while I was in College, but had to give it back to our School Library before I was even a quarter through because of lack of time.
This Book should be read by everyone, most of all the "Big Brother" target audience and Justine Bieber/Lady Gaga/etc. fans.
In my opinion it is increasingly likely that our future is moving in this direction. If our governments do not bomb us into oblivion soon, and set the survivors back into the Stone Age(this time nuclear) first.

By the way, I took a look at my Photobucket Stats and saw that people seem to like the Facebook Covers quite a lot. I am thinking about a second post in 2 or 3 weeks.
So if you're interested in anything specific, tell me beforehand and soon. ;)



  1. Farenheit 451 is a famous novel with a film and radio dramatizations based on it.
    Censorship/burning of books, restriction of free speech and arts - are 'heavy topics', but I wouldn"t worry about them as much as of the nuclear danger.

    1. Yes, I saw the movie as a kid and liked it a lot, but after reading the book I must say I, that the book is my #1 now.

      Well, I worry about both these days. Free speech is partially needed for us to prevent any kind of nuclear danger in the first.
      I believe that if we let our politians do whatever they wanted, without speaking our minds, we already would be in a WW3.

  2. Poor me I haven't read any one of those yet... By the way, you do make good book reviews! And about the Facebook covers, count me in among the people who like your creations :)

    1. I had a busy months so I wouldn't have been able to read them either if they all hadn't been on the rather short side.
      Thank you! I really have a hard time doing a review, because I want to avoid adding spoilers or anything that would tell people to much.

      Great to hear! I really love whenever I can give out digital freebies to people. But I am also easily scared to overdo it sometimes. :)

  3. Hello!would u like to follow each other via gfc? let me know!xx

    1. Hello, & thank you for the visit... I'll take a look at your blog, shall I? :)

  4. I love your blog, I follow you, follow me? Thanks a kiss

    1. Thnx so much for your lovely words & thnx for the request! :)

  5. Turkey is a land of murderers.

    1. So is every other Country in this World.
      Past or present. :D

      P.S.: Tells a lot about you, writing/saying this as anonymous.

  6. I see a Portuguese author among those. :-)

  7. What an interesting post!
    Check Out my blog!!!
    I have a new post!

    1. Sorry dear, I'll go there in a few minutes.
      It's been a hard day. :/


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